Monday, November 24, 2008

Still sick.

I've not been blogging for a while because I'm sick. I got flu and BAD headache.
I really hate this. I didn't get to enjoy my weekend because I was sick. I'm glad I have my bf who keeps me companied whenever I feel weary and weak. I hate feeling weak.

A friend of mine IMed me and she told me to keep blogging on my OTHER blog, and move the entries from this blog to my old blog. What do you think?
2 blogs? or just one but with more makeup talk?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sounds good for me. Sounds horrible for my wallet.

What? Huh? How?
Did I just spend more money again?

Well, apparently, yes I just did.

Having read this entry from the beautiful miss Vanessa, I immediately checked out this eBay store to get some of Ly-Na Medicated Pearl Cream for myself.

I did not let my hopes get too high because, as always, I was afraid that I might have to pay so much money just for shipping. Later on I found out that the store is actually based in the Philippines. I was STOKED. Because that means I don't have to spend too much money for shipping, and hopefully the package will arrive in a week! Normally, when I bought something online from a USA-based online store, I will have to wait approximately 3 to 4 weeks for the package to arrive! Sucks BIG TIME!

I got too excited that I bought two tubes without thinking twice!
My skin could use this cream because lately I've been experiencing so much breakouts. I have many dark acne scars now on my right cheek so I seriously hope that this cream will even out the dark spots and make my skin flawless again *finger crossed!*.

If you wanna know more about this cream I suggest you to read this post by Yummiebitez. But don't blame if you end up spending money for these stuffs too (aww come on, you know you want it! LOL)

stay lovely girls!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

first review on a lovely indonesian product :)

Have you ever heard of Bali? Or have you ever been there?
Here's something really good about the place: EVERYTHING IS CHEAP!
Well, most of them.

Here's one example (click for larger picture):


It's only $1 for 100 grams. (which lasts for only a week if you use it once every two days)
This is my favo, yum-o, bathing scrub. It’s a traditional scrub, so it’s made of natural ingredients. Sounds good? Not only sounds good, it also SMELLS good! It comes in many choices of natural ingredients such as carrot, seaweed, milk, strawberry, honey, chocolate, and more! I bought one in seaweed but it doesn’t smell like sea at all, LOL! It actually smells like jasmine.

So what does it do? It’s pretty much like your usual bathing scrub. First of all, it cleanses up your skin. I heard it was once used by the Balinese princesses. You know, they don’t have soap back in the days. Haha. But really, it works wonder for cleansing up your skin! Not just that, it leaves your skin soft and moisturized after shower. But what I like the most about this stuff is that it works like an aromatherapy, it makes you sleep well at night =) (interesting, huh?)

i almost finish it! it looks yucky but actually it smells so yummm :P
(picture taken with my bf's camera phone, that's why it's crappy. LOL)

How to use: Just rub it all over your body, wait until it dries up and becomes flaky, rub it again until it comes off, and rinse it gently with warm water. Smooth, yummy-smelling skin afterwards! Lol, “yummy-smelling”, does that phrase even exist?

If you want to try it, and you’re not in Indonesia, I could try sending you some but I don’t know about the shipping cost. It may vary depending on your location. Ahh I hope you could just go here and snatch some. It’s really good =)

Anyways, today is KARAOKE day! Meaning: I will have to spend two hours watching my friends hitting the microphone and sing like CRAZY! But I’m loving the fact that I got a chance to experiment with my makeup for today’s look. Hopefully I could come up with something pretty but still natural.

Ok then, ‘till the next post girls! (and thank you for the lovely comments. deeply appreciated!)

F. <3<3

Friday, November 14, 2008

Tissue papers.

Looks like someone has been abandoning her new blog. LoL.
1. Exams! (it's over now, thank god)
2. I have no digital camera! My sister snatched it from me.
3. I've been busy with my online store.

OK, so here's my situation. I'm a 20 year old Indonesian girl, studying journalism and running my own online store. I'm super busy but I really want to do it, my own beauty blog I mean. My english is not that good, so please excuse any grammatical error or anything like that.

So yeah I have borrowed my bf's cellphone to take some pics of my new favorite lipglosses which are NYX GODDESS OF THE NIGHT (LIPGLOSS WITH MEGASHINE) in "Smokey Look" and NYX ROUND LIPGLOSS in "Ballerina Pink."
To tell the truth, I hate the smell of NYX ROUND LIPGLOSS. Blahh. It reminds me of my bathroom's lemon scented floor scrub. Something like that. But still, the color "ballerina pink" is soooo pretty. I think it suits most of skin tones so you have to get it 1 for your self. (or maybe 2)

Anyways, I can promise you one thing: NYX HAUL IS SURE TO COME. but now is time for me to sign out. It's lunch time, and I haven't eaten anything since morning! I'm STARVING.

See you and take care! :)

Monday, November 3, 2008


So here it is! A blog about make up.
Let's see how long will it last, shall we?


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