Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oriflame review

Hi guys! I’ll write this post in Indonesian language since it’s requested by a friend of mine in Indonesia. She asked me NOT to use English (lol). Just in case you’d like to know, Oriflame is a Swedish brand. Somehow, I reckon that their products are made in various countries, such as Spain, Ireland, and Poland. Here in Indonesia, their products are sold door to door or with representatives, so it’s like Avon in the US (I guess). Hahaha. OK, off of to the review!

Inilah beberapa item Oriflame yg pernah aku coba:

  • 3 in 1 makeup remover
  • 500% volume mascara
  • eyeliner stylo in “black”
  • lip spa therapy lipbalm
  • Hydra comfort lipstick in “Amethyst”

3 in 1 makeup remover

Makeup remover ini lumayan bagus kualitasnya. Gak berminyak sehingga gak perlu dikocok dulu sebelum dipakai. Karena produk ini baru aku beli dan baru aku coba, jadi aku belum tahu persis gimana kekuatannya dalam menghapus riasan mata (terutama mascara yg waterproof). Tapi, waktu aku coba untuk membersihkan eyeliner, hasilnya sih oke-oke aja. Selain itu makeup remover ini juga kerasa dingin. Jadi mata lebih seger aja setelah makeup dibersihin. Aku sendiri beli ini remover iseng-iseng aja karena lagi diskon 50%! Hahaha… Harga asli di katalognya sih Rp 49.900,-.

Oriflame 500% volume mascara

Ini mascara sebenarnya pemberian ibuku jaman pertama kali masuk kuliah. Pertama dicoba tentunya excited bgt. Tapi secara keseluruhan, mascara ini cukup mengecewakan. Kekurangan mascara ini antara lain:

  1. dibanding dengan mascara lain yg udah kucoba, mascara ini tergolong bikin bulu mata clumpy. Pokoknya jadi repot bgt misah-misahin bulu matanya.
  2. hasilnya biasa aja tuh, gak bikin bulu mata keliatan tambah tebel 500% :P
  3. aku lupa ini waterproof atau gak, yg jelas ketika kupake, mascaranya bakal belepotan setelah beberapa jam.

Intinya, mascara ini gak recommended bgt. Mascara ini udah aku pensiunkan lho. Bener-bener gak disentuh lagi meskipun isinya masih lumayan banyak.

Eyeliner Stylo in “Black”

Eyeliner ini sebenarnya enak dipakai, yg jelas pemakaiannya lebih gampang daripada pake liquid eyeliner yg berkuas (bagiku lho). Tapi meskipun gampang makenya, eyeliner ini gampang banget ilangnya. Cuma dengan tangan lembab (sedikit basah), eyeliner ini bisa luntur lho. Jadi kalo yg kulit bagian matanya berminyak, atau yg suka kucek-kucek mata, produk ini bener-bener gak recommended.

Lipspa therapy (lipbalm)

Dari seluruh produk oriflamme yg udah aku coba, satu-satunya yg bener-bener aku suka adalah produk ini. Pertama, lipbalmnya gak berasa, aku suka males sama lipbalm yang rasanya aneh-aneh. Kedua, gak lengket dan gak berat di bibir. Ketiga, ini pas banget dipake sebelum pake lipstick, hasilnya lipstick jadi lebih smooth dan bibir lebih lembab aja. Kayaknya setelah habis aku bakal beli lagi. Recommended!

Hydra comfort lipstick in “Amethyst”

Lipstick ini juga hibahan si mami gara-gara salah pilih warna. Liat donk, warnanya ungu gonjreng! Ungu! Siapa coba yg mau kemana-mana dengan bibir warna ungu? Kalo dipake, rasanya di bibir juga berat dan gak nyaman.


Yup, untuk sementara produk-produk oriflame yg pernah aku coba memang hanya sedikit. Tapi aku udah pesen beberapa produk lagi untuk dicoba. Yang aku ingat sih sunsblock-nya (Optimals Day Shield SPF 30) dan concealernya (karena harganya murah, sekitar dua puluh lima ribuan). Nanti kalo barangnya udah datang dan udah kucoba, akan kureview juga. That’s it. Semoga membantu! =)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dodo Club BB Cream

Hi ladies!
I'm sure you all have heard about BB creams! Just in case you haven't, you could read about them here. (Gosh, she explained it really well!)

After seeing the raves over the internet, I cannot restrain myself from getting one (ughh, it's just too hard to resist!). I need to try BB creams since liquid foundations never worked on me. It's sad because sometimes I miss the dewiness of liquid foundie.

I did a lot of googling before I decided to try this one first: Dodo Club BB Cream.

oooh, i'm lovin' the pink packaging <3<3>

I picked this one mainly because:
  1. This is the easiest one to get, I know the website that sell this product. And they're in Jakarta so I won't have to wait too long for the BB cream to arrive. No high shipping cost either. I'm happy.
  2. The price is, well, cheap compared to other brands. It only costs me IDR 95000 without shipping. And if you're outside Indonesia, I believe you can get this from for $12.30.
  3. I heard that the oil control is better than Skinfood's Gingko bb cream (which I have tried the sample and yes it didn't work for my oily T-zone).
I was paranoid at first about the shade (since it has only 1 shade available) but after I blend it to my skin, the shade is just perfect for me. What I love love love about the product is that the BB cream makes my skin dewy and glowy!

The texture is a bit thicker than the Skinfood Gingko BB cream, I think.

the shade totally looks lighter on my hand but it's only slightly lighter on my face.

Oil control is pretty good. After 4 hours or so, I didn't need to blot and my face still looks dewy but NOT oily. Though so, the coverage is just OK. I still have to use my concealer on top of my dark spots.

So far, I love this product. I just wish it has SPF. But other than that, I'm pretty impressed! I think I'm gonna finish this tube before I try other brands. Though so, I'm already eyeing on the Etude House Magic BB cream now. Hahaha :D

Take care everyone! LMK if you got any questions!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mark That’s Deep Purifying Cleanser &Mark Matte Chance Mattifying Lotion

Hey all! I’ve been using Mark Matte Chance Matiffying Lotion as my makeup primer and Mark That’s Deep Purifying Cleanser to wash my face for at least 4 days now. I’m happy to tell you that the result is great. So far, I haven’t had any breakouts yet, so hopefully I won’t have to throw out this product before I could use it up. I also got Mark Get Clearance Anti Acne Blemish Treatment Gel but I haven’t tried that one yet.

Mark That’s Deep Purifying Cleanser
Although I don’t get breakouts using this, this is not the best cleanser I’ve ever used. It claims to exfoliate and unclog pores with its sugar maple extract. Yes my skin feels soft after using this (unlike when I use my soapy Clean&Clear foaming facial wash), and I like how it felt so cool after washing my face with it, but it’s not THAT clean. There’s still enough makeup left to clog my pores when I use my toner after washing my face with this… So I’m not really impressed.
It’s soap free though, that’s a plus. So if you like facial wash that doesn’t make your skin feels dry, I recommend this. But don’t forget to use a toner afterwards!
Repurchase? Hmm.. I’m thinking about trying something different after I use up this product.

Mark Matte Chance Mattifying Lotion
The first time I tried this, I was pretty much amazed. It certainly made my face looks brighter and even.

So I put it to the test, wearing this lotion with only my Ciel minerals veil (it’s a sheer finishing powder). I put it around 12 PM, went out for lunch, and 3,5 hours later, my T-zone still looked OK and my face looked surprisingly glowy. I got to say I was so impressed then because usually, my T-zone would get pretty nasty without a proper amount of foundation and finishing powder.
The next day, I used the lotion with my Ciel minerals foundation and topped it off with Ciel minerals veil. The outcome was also very pleasing. Even though this lotion could control the oiliness of my T-zone, I still have a little amount of dewiness on the drier spots. I don’t like my face looking too matte, so this product is just right for me.
Also, the lotion smells awesome and it gets absorbed really fast so that I don’t have to wait before I could wear my foundation.
There are only two things I don’t like about this product: 1) it’s a bit pricey (it’s USD 15, but I bought it for IDR250000), and 2) the packaging is whack! I don’t like the packaging because although it looks sturdy and secure, sometimes I have to pump it twice or more to get the product out, left me with too much product on my finger (do you understand what I mean?).
Last but not least, will I repurchase this stuff? I guess I won’t because: 1) It’s too pricey for my wallet (as usual, I realized this AFTER I ordered it), 2) they probably won’t hold a Mark shopping spree anymore, and 3) I will try another primer that’s cheaper than this one from a brand called Oriflame (it’s a Swedish cosmetic brand).

OK guys, that's it for today's post. I hope you all have a great weekend. Next, I will be talking about my newly arrived Dodo Club BB cream from Korea. Take care!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Evil Word: SALE

So here’s the thing: you think you’re saving money when you buy something on sale. The truth is, you’re not. You’re just spending MORE money. I already knew this. I’ve watched too many shows about money management. But somehow, I just COULDN’T HELP IT!

I usually never get defeated by the word SALE. But since I needed to do something to turn over my mood (yeah I was mad about something), I picked up two local makeup items (merely because they were on sale, of course) AND one skincare product I’ve been dying to buy but never get the guts to. Here they are:

Some sort of dialogue between me and my brain when I see those cute lil stuffs with a SALE 20% OFF sign:

ME: Ahh, CUTE!


ME: I need a natural palette for school.


ME: (ignoring the fact) WOW, a peachy color blush!


ME: (picking up the blush and the palette) I WANT THESE.

Hahahaha. no I was just kidding. There wasn’t any dialogue whatsoever. There were only ME and MY ADDICTION TO MAKEUP. My brain, actually, were pretty supportive with my decision.

Odessa duo eyeshadow #3 “Brown Sugar & Chocolate” & Odessa Blush On #2 “Peach Coral”

The duo eyeshadow palette and blush on are from Odessa. I’m pretty sure they are made in Indonesia and yes, they’re low-priced (about 2 to 3 bucks each after discounted), surprisingly, they have decent quality. I swatched them without any base on and with a dry brush, yet the colors show up pretty well. I thought I had to damp my brush first to get the colors out. I don’t know if they stay on long, tough. But the packaging certainly looks cuter and sturdier than any other local products I’ve seen in the market.

So for you Indonesian ladies, if you live in Yogyakarta, you might want to check out Matahari department store in Galeria Mall for beauty bargains. It’s almost Christmas so yeah, the SALE sign is everywhere. It’s 50 ribu perak for a blush on AND a duo eyeshadow palette with decent quality. What are you waiting for? Get dirty! Make me feel less guilty buy buying more stuffs!

OK, next, the skincare product is ROC Purif-AC Exfoliating Lotion (it’s a toner. why do they always make up longer names?). It’s made in Spain for Johnson and Johnson France. It contains: water, Alcohol Denat, Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Salicylic Acid, Trideceth-9 (what the hell is that?), Cinnamomum Zeylanicum, Cedrus Atlantica, Portulaca Oleracea, Zinc Gluconate, Copper Gluconate, Allantoin, Capryloyl Glycine, Hexylene Glycol, PEG-5 Ethylhexanoate, Sarcosine, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Hydroxide, Parfum.

This product is a little pricey for me (remember that I’m fairly poor?). It costs IDR 165000 (around USD 14). My previous toner is soooo much cheaper. It was only around USD 3, I guess. So now you know why I doubted to switch my toner.

Well, I just hope this stuff works for me and not causing me any breakouts.

So that’s it for today’s ramblin’. Lemme know if you got any questions or anything. Oh and thank you for all the ladies who had commented on my posts. I really appreciate it.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Epic Post! Ramblin’, Haulin’ and EOTD =)

You better be prepared because this is going to be a long post (with a shitload of pictures).

This morning I got a text message from a lady who I usually buy makeup from (she has an online store) informing me that a CS 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette is up for grab for exactly IDR 505000 (around USD 53). My heart was broken (and beaten up) by the fact that I could afford it but I MUST NOT buy it. I live in Indonesia, mind you, so I couldn’t just stop by the mall and grab the item myself. To buy many makeup items that aren’t available in my country, I usually have to deal with the high exchange rate and shipping costs and tax… You got the point. Plus, I don’t have much money in my paypal, thus buying it online isn’t an option either.

This item has been in my wishlist for quite some time now. But when it actually is available for me, the exchange rate for US$ is rising pretty far above the ground to the point where I could just poke my eyeballs out. It’s very frustrating this economic situation these days. I have to think twice (or more) before I could purchase something I need want.

So yeah, this dilemma lasts me a painful 10 minutes, trying to figure out the right thing to do.

Thou shall not buy!
I said to my self.

Because if I buy it, I will feel guilty and be miserable for the rest of the month. I don’t want that to happen! Especially when the New Years Eve is coming and that will be the 2nd anniversary for me and my bf. I need money to buy something special for him.
Not to mention, that kinda money equals:
- School operational fee for one semester.
- 5 times doing grocery shopping.
- 20 times going to the movies.
- 10 more of Twilight books.
- 20 editions of Reader’s Digest.
- and gazillion times eating this meal:

it's called "bakso" in indonesia (translate: MEATBALLS!)

Yeah, it’s A LOT of money for me. I heard that one meal in New York could cost over 6 bucks; well it’s less than a dollar for you to get a decent meal here in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. No joke.

So, bottom line is, I have to save up no matter how bad I want a CS 88 ultra shimmer palette. I just bought two more books yesterday and a Reader’s Digest (they raised the price from IDR 21000 to IDR 28000, it’s sick!). And even books left me feeling guilty for spending too much money now!

But then again, even though I have to restrain my passion of shopping, which I find a very tough thing to do, I could still be happy, right?

Haha yeah, that’s one article from the Reader’s Digest magazine I bought yesterday. It’s a really good article I think anyone should read it. Oh! And please notice that it’s Reader’s Digest ASIA so it might contain slightly different articles than the one published in the US or in any other part of the world.

FYI, I read the mag to improve my English skill :D

I felt like this book was calling out my name and asked me to buy it.... (somehow)

Yes I finally bought TWILIGHT! Hahahah. My bf didn’t really enjoy the fact of me picking up that novel over Life of Pi. But at the moment they run out of stock of Life of Pi and I didn’t want to leave the bookstore with only one book so I picked up Twilight instead (what an excuse). And yes, book shopping can cause dilemma too. I was hesitated if I have to buy the Indonesian translation or the real English version of Twilight. Guess what, the English version is so much more expensive so yeah I have to go with the Indonesian edition.

They even put some pictures of the movie in the book:

And the other book I bought is Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. The book was first published in 1997, I reckon. But it’s not published yet here in Indonesia until 2001. And the book I have now is printed in 2006. HOW LAME, right? It’s a very good book yet it is not yet published in my country until 4 years from the first publication.

Ahhh anyway, let’s off of to another makeup talk! I got this in the mail today:

It’s Elf – Studio Eyebrow Treat and Tame in “dark”. This is supposed to come in the mail along with my Mark stuffs because I bought this from one online shop based in Indonesia (they occasionally hold preorder shopping sprees so I can order stuffs from outside Indonesia through them without having to worry about calculating exchange rates and S&H costs). Apparently, they ship my goodies in two different packages, weird huh?

I hastily ripped off the package, took some (crappy) pictures of it, and tried it on my eyebrows. Tee-hee *insert a big grin here*

see how they sealed it with clear ducktape? Well, I know they had to do it, but it's such a pain in the ass to peel it off.

First thing first, I bought this because I have lamo eyebrows (luckily, my bf’s eyebrows are wicked thick, so if we were to have children someday, there’s still a chance they won’t end up brow-less like me. Hahah). I read it somewhere that the “treat” gel is used to condition, repair, and restore the eyebrows. Knowing that the online shop I’ve told you above was holding an Elf shopping spree, I ordered this one right away. It costs me around IDR 80000 (including the shipping cost) and that’s around USD 9 now. I know the actual price is only $3 but remember I live in Indonesia? Shipping cost? Tax? Exactly.

About the product itself, I pretty much like it the first time I try it. The “treat” gel is a clear, not-so-thick gel that feels cool on your eyebrows. It comes with sort of like your eyeliner brush:

And the “Tame” mascara is supposed to be brushed onto your eyebrows to keep them in place and to get a fuller look:

I was kinda surprised, I thought the color would be darker than this since I ordered the darkest shade available. But it’s not as dark as I thought it would be. Either way, the staying power of this product is pretty amazing. I put this on around 13:40 PM, and by the time I arrived home around 7:30 PM, my eyebrows are still in shape. Usually, my brows will end up looking funny if I don’t do any touchup after 5 hours being outside. So I’m pretty happy with this purchase.

More about the product HERE.

NEXT, I’ll be showcasting my lack of makeup skill again. it’s my first EOTD! Or FOTD? I’m not sure, I include pictures of my whole face though.

I was bored the other day so I played around with my NYX Ultra Pearl Mania pigments. This time I tried creating “ocean eyes”. Success? Fail? I think I did a better job with my first try, this is actually my second time trying to pull off ocean eyes. It's pretty challenging for me since I have a warm complexion, but I did it anyway for fun :)

What I used:
- NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in “Lemon”
- NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in “Pacific”
- NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in “Lime Pearl”
- NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in “Turquoise Pearl”
- NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in “Nude Pearl” (highlight)
- L’oreal HIP Duo in Showy (used only the dark blue side of the palette)
- NYX pencil liner in “black”
- Revlon colorstay liner in “black”
- Maybelline XXL volume & length mascara.

Woah, what a pretty long post, right? I hope you don’t get bored reading it. Let me know if you got any questions. Take care, everyone! =)

Monday, December 15, 2008

My first FOTD.

Yes, I'm new to makeup and this is my first FOTD so I hope you guys will excuse my lack of skill, both in doing the makeup and taking the pictures. I'm still learning, yo! This "look" was done pretty quick because I had to go to the bank and get some work done. I wiped out all the makeup before I went out though.

such a weird, forced-looking smile. lol.

this one is cropped. i did try to take pictures of my eyes but they come up sort of crappy. ugh i guess i need more practice.

what I used...

- Mark matte chance mattifying lotion (moisturizer AND primer)
- EDM Bisque Color Corrector
- EDM foundation in "Medium Tan" (matte formula)
- Ciel Minerals foundation in "Medium Tan" (mixed with EDM foundation)
- Ciel Minerals veil (finishing powder)
- Maybelline dream mousse blush #60 "Coffee Cake" (on cheeks)
- NYX Mosaic Powder blush in "Truth" (for contouring)

- Viva Eye brow pencil in brown
- NYX shadow in "Dark Brown" from the TS 03 trio (for filling eyebrows)
- NYX shadow in "Nude" from the TS 03 trio (for highlight and inner v)
- NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow pencil in "Black Bean"
- MAC "sweet sienna" pigment
- L'Oreal Hip Eyeshadow "Lively" (used only the green palette)
- Revlon colorstay liner in black.
- NYX pencil liner in black.
- Maybelline XXL volume & length mascara
- falsies

-NYX round lipstick in "Pumpkin Pie"
-NYX round lipgloss in "Honey".

oh! and an update on my skin condition: it gets better! there's no new zits but I'm still waiting for my post-breakout blemishes to fade away. hopefully my skin will get decent again (like it used to be) within 2 weeks. I've been using new skincare products from Mark for 2 days so I might post a review on them soon. Take care ladies! :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

NYX lipglosses AND lipsticks!

Hey all! Great news: I got my camera! YAY!
I don't wanna waste any more time so... off of to my first haul:
NYX lipglosses and round lipsticks!

I got 12 NYX round l/s, 4 NYX round l/g, and 2 NYX l/g with megashine. I have tried 'em all and I must say that they're not perfect, but I still love 'em! :D

OK so these are all the NYX round lipsticks I got. I have classified them to 4 lots so that you could compare the colors a lil bit easier. I tried to take swatches but I now know that I suck at swatching. So.. yeah, here you go (click the pic to zoom).

I actually have 13 of them, but I gave one to my sister (I forgot which one though). All of my lipsticks: Louisiana, Indian Pink, Watermelon, Summerlove, Honey, Rea, Pumpkin Pie, B52, Perfect, Heather, Power, and Thalia.

First lot: the bright ones (at least for me) ~ Louisiana, Indian Pink, and Watermelon. Louisiana is a really bright hot pink lipstick which I find too bright and bold for me. AND it's also too cool for my complexion (I guess). So I don't wear it often. Indian Pink, on the other hand, is pretty warm for me so I love it. It's not really pink I think, it's more peachy coral color... I don't know. It sure looks like that for me. Watermelon is more reddish than Indian Pink. I personally like watermelon better than Indian Pink. :)

Second lot, the nudes: summerlove, honey, and rea. My HG nude lipstick is honey!! they say it's close to circe but I believe circe is more matte than honey. Rea is also pretty but I still like honey better. Summerlove is too cool for me, too pale and frosty. I don't like it :(

3rd lot, my favorite neutral colors: pumpkin pie, perfect, and B52. I like em all but I must say that Pumpkin Pie is the bestest! It's a peachy color and it matches my complexion real good! I wear it all the time. Definitely will repurchase this shade if I run out of it.

4th lot, the pinks: Power, Thalia, Heather. Power is too cool for me (ugh I'm sad, coz it's actually a really pretty pink). Thalia is pretty! Heather is an OK color for me.

So that's it for the lipsticks! I hope this would help anyone looking for the right shade of lipstick to buy. PRO: the texture is creamy, love. :) CONS: it doesn't stay long on my lips :(

NYX round lipgloss swatches.

uhhh bad swatches. i suck.

L to R: ballerina pink, natural, pink, honey, french kiss, smokey look.

What to get? Round l/g or megashine? I'd say go with megashine l/g. I like the smell, the texture (not really sticky), and the colors are sooo pretty. I don't like round l/g as much because it has funny and clearly fake lemon scent to it (or is it just me?) and something really bad happened to my round l/g. take a look at this:

This is my round l/g in "pink". see, the tube is off. i don't know how to describe it but it's a complete mess. i'll have pink, sticky lipgloss all over my fingers everytime I want to wear it. it's just.. messy and i hate it. :(

Uhh that's it for this post. I'm in a rush now .. Thanks for reading! :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Excuses. :(

Hi pretty people outthere!
I've not been blogging in prettymuchmakeup because lately I've been busy with... stuff. LOL. No not really. Actually I have not been blogging in this blog because: 1) I haven't got my digital camera yet, 2) I literally spent my money more on books and movies rather than makeup these past couple weeks so yeah.... 3) I've been blogging in my other blog here. If you wanna read it, be my guest. I don't mind at all. I share my daily thoughts and experiences there.

I will definitely update this blog more regularly once I got my camera. I mean, what's a beauty blog without pictures, right? I'm longing to do some haulin' and I wanna show you how my skin got really really bad that I have to go see a doctor :(
mmm, not fun.

I'm still visiting many beauty blogs though. :]

take care everyone.

*PS: My Ly-Na medicated pearl cream hasn't arrived yet... bummer. Indonesian post office sucks ass.


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