Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lovin' the blues & Most Worn+Color Tag

So I hope I won't waste my precious 2 hours tonight. Bf and I are going to see Ninja Assassin. This is not my kind of movie. Rain is not my kind of celeb crush. I didn't even bother to see the Transformers (1 & 2), I have no idea why I agreed to see this one. Has anyone seen it? I'm pretty pessimistic. :/

I'm almost running out of my makeup remover and toner (I'm currently using The Body Shop's Vitamin E Hydrating Toner). I might get a new one tonight. Any recommendation of a good toner? As for the makeup remover, I'm sticking to Maybelline or L'oreal. I've never used anything aside of those two.

I did this look yesterday but decided not to wear it out. It was too makeup-y for the day. Lol. Is that even a word? But you get the point. :D

I think my camera sucks as I don't seem to find a steady lighting. With flash, I will look shinier than I actually am in person and the flash always washes out my blush color. Without flash, I would end up with blurry/too orangey pictures. Sigh. I want to get a DSLR as I love taking pictures (not just pictures of my self, of course). But you know, they're pretty pricey and I want a good one like from Canon or maybe Nikon. I'll have to save up first for it but I don't know if I can do that as I spend too much money on makeup and all things pretty. Haha. Typical. :P

What I used in this look...
  • ROC soothing reparator
  • Hanskin Premium Magic BB cream
  • NYX concealer in jar
  • Maybelline mineral foundation
  • Ciel Minerals veil
  • Pink blush from Coastal Scents 26 pcs combo palette
  • Revlon superlustrous l/s in Sandalwood Beige
  • NYX round l/s in Honey
  • MAC prrr l/g

  • UDPP
  • CS 88 palette (black, teals and greens all applied wet)
  • NYX UPM in Turquoise Pearl
  • NYX nude e/s
  • CS gel liner in True Black
  • Falsies

Lesson of the Day (LOTD)

Be careful NOT to use too much glue for your falsies. Last time I did that, it hurt my lashline when I was taking off my falsies (only the left one, fortunately). My eye went all watery because of it. I gotta practice more with wearing falsies. Also, I need to buy a decent eyelash glue. I've been using the ones that come with the falsies. They're fine and they hold the falsies pretty well. But they dry out white and then make my falsies looking weird.


I was tagged by a fellow Indonesian blogger Dina.
I'm sure I'm pretty late with this tag so I'm tagging anyone who hasn't done it. It's fun, so why not? :)

Most Worn Tag

1.) Lipstick/Lipgloss
LA Girl Creme Lipstick in Fling & MAC prrr lipglass

2.) Earring/Necklace
I wear hoops a lot and I'm currently loving my leopard earrings :)

3.) Top/shirt

My bf got a matching t-shirt, also with red converse shoes on it. We're not a matchy matchy couple though. It's just a coincidence. He bought it long before he met me. This t-shirt is by anti-beauty. I think it's a Malaysian clothing line? I don't know, they're available in Centro Dept. Store though.

4.) Nail Polish
The Face Shop BR801

5.) Shoes
I call this my "nurse shoes". I love 'em because they're very comfy. Wanna know how I keep 'em clean? I put cajuput oil on tissue papers, wipe 'em clean, and keep 'em back to the box.

6.) Hair Product
The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum

On everyday basis, I only wear The Body Shop Aqua Lily body mist. But lately I've been into this Miss Lomani perfume I got as a birthday gift from my brother. :)

8.) Handbag

Gold Color Tag
Jane You're Golden e/s, Aslan the Lion, a pair of earrings, and a clutch.

Hope you all have a great day today! :)


  1. u look so prettty!!

    I think I might do that tag :D

  2. that movie isnt my kind of movie either but im up for it. people around me hasnt talked about it so i have no idea if its any good :P

    i like your FOTD! have i ever told you that i really like your lip?! so full and pouty <3 mine is really thin -_- it's not sexy

    and i get what you mean about the camera thing. sometimes i feel that too. but i noticed a good quality camera really does matter when it comes to quality of the picture. i use canon sd1000. my bf has this crazy cool camera and trust me, it looks wayyy better in his. i say you should really invest in a good camera!

    LOL! i laughed a bit when you wrote about lesson of the day! i really like how my eyes look with falsies but sometimes when i take it out, my eyes start to become watery! falsies are tricky!

    i have a question, where do you get the face shop products? :)

    i noticed you have a lot of body shop products!

  3. I also just did this tag....:D

  4. Love your looks, they look so pretty :D xx

  5. love your FOTD!
    and thanks for doing the tag.

  6. You look hot!!!! I love what you did with the look :)

    applying falsies can be tricky. I still mess up from time to time :/

  7. i kind of want to see that movie actually. when i was small i wanted to be a ninja hahahaha, man i'm such a nerd right lolzzz

    i like the tshirt, really cute!

  8. i need new cleanser too! i think im bad cause i don't use a toner but when i did, i used witch hazel and that was pretty good... smelt a little funny to me though but you get used to it! :D i just ordered the benefit cleanser so i can't wait till it arrives :D otherwise i use the st. ives apricot scrub every day and night i love it! :D have you tried it before?

  9. Jeez. Ninja assassin was so lame. You can smell the testosterone emanating from the screen. My boyfriend loved it though. It reinforces his belief that Asians are born killers and are proficient with the samurai sword. I love how you can work those CS products. I've heard reviews on them and I already know it will be hard to use. Nice face!

  10. Gorgeous look! I love how your skin looks so glowy.

    I WANT TO DO THIS TAG! I'm so behind on all my tags. lol

  11. Such pretty look (as always, ehem....)

    I bought a new camera just before I traveled 10 days ago. It's Canon Digital IXUS 9515 in lime green. I'm loving it!
    Took lots of pictures during the trip.
    And it will help me to shoot my stuffs sold in my simple online shop :)

  12. gorgeous as usual! very pretty lips babes!

  13. you look pretty as ever!! love your eyes and luscious lips!!

    i heard ninja assassin was really bloody so not too interested in seeing it hehe

  14. Aww..that t-shirt is so cute..yr bf n u sound so meant to be :)
    How come u always look so glowy glowy huh? What's the secret? Tell us..tell us!!! haha..
    I know what u mean with the falsies..last time my eyes were tearing like crazy n hurt a lot when i took them off..n i already have v v sensitive eyes T_T

  15. I love that shirt! cutie!!!

    and the soft nail polish color is adorable, I like those colors!


  16. You look radiant, as always (=

  17. LOL no matter how many lashes I rip off at the end of the night, I still never seem to learn my lesson to lighten up on the eyelash glue...

  18. What a lovely look, you are glowing!! :D Where did you get your shoes? They are so pretty! xx

  19. Love the blue you used on your eyes and your leopard earrings! :)

  20. LOLS! I like your lesson of the day!

    I have reviewed all of my VOV masks... you can read them here and here.

  21. I've had my mishaps on falsies too. Their a bitch the first few times, but then I bought Ardells starter kit, which comes with falsies, & a lash applicator. It's good for beginners but then I got used to putting lashes on without the applicator. Don't use the cheap glues with the falsies, their horrible. I use DUO eyelash adhesive, it comes in clear or black.

  22. You look stunning hun!
    Love the dewy skin :)
    So glam ♥



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