Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shills Sakura Cleansing Oil

Shills Sakura Cleansing Oil
Rp 180.000/200 ml
Ingredients: jojoba oil, olive oil, vitamin E, camellia oil, Avocado oil, Sweet Myrrh, emulsifier Cherry blossom essential oils

This is what the advertisement say about the product:
Taiwan Brand: SHILLS Sakura Cleansing Oil with a tint of Sakura scent. Voted 1 of the best cleansing oil in Taiwan magazines. Made of natural plant ingredients and is suitable for all skin types, sensitive skin also can use this. Throughly cleanse away even thick make up , leaving ur skin clean and smooth like silk. Won't clog pores.

My experience with the product:

I have been using this product for about a week now. It's OK, especially for the price. What I truly love about the product is of course the smell! It's such a sweet smell, very pleasant. It makes me want to cleanse my face all day long! ^_^

I pump two or even three squirts into dry hands then massage it on my face. It'll dissolve my makeup then I rinse it with warm water. I heard you could also use it with cotton pads.

However, I don't really enjoy the feeling it gave to my skin after cleansing. I feel like it leaves a bit of residue behind. That's why I would always wash my face with facial foam afterwards and continue with my toner.

I have only tried 2 brands of cleansing oil, this one and the one from Neutrogena (which my friend gave to me 'cause it dried out her skin). But I have to say that this one is more mild than the neutrogena one, and it doesn't dry out my skin. So that's good.

Last but not least, I'm still not sure whether I should add cleansing oil to my daily skincare regimen or stick with my milk cleanser. Oh well, I think I need another week with this product before I make the decision.

Hopefully you find this post useful. What cleansing oil do YOU recommend?

I'm not sure whether it's Cherry or Sakura cleansing oil! HAHA!
I just realized that it's written "Cherry" on the packaging, but I've encountered many sellers who describe the item as Sakura cleansing oil. You'll most likely find this product on eBay. I got this from Onik who held a Shills shopping spree about a month ago.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another sample haul: Earthen Glow Minerals

A package loaded with EG minerals samples arrived today. I'm uber excited 'cause I've been longing to try their products for a while...

I got:

Foundation samples: Aileen, Janelle, Kamala, Lollie, Barbara, Anna.
Eyeshadow samples: Holland Tunnel (from Underground Collection), New Leaf & Lake Travis (from Drama Collection), Alure, Late Autumn & Gilded Antique Olive (from Electric Earth Collection).
Others: Hi-def finishing powder sample, patsy concealer sample, and a full size facial primer gel.

I ordered most of the foundation samples in Olive and Yellow range and just by looking at them, I know I've made good choices! Aileen and Lollie will be the first ones I'll try tomorrow. However, I think Kamala looks a little bit too dark for me, so I'm just gonna use that one for contouring.

And of course I just had to try out their eyeshadows as well! I haven't bought any eyeshadow for a while... I miss experimenting! hehe XD

I think Lake Travis is an exceptional shade of blue and Allure is definitely a great highlighting color. Can't wait to try 'em all! :)

That's it for today's haul. Tomorrow I'll post up my review on Shills Sakura Cleansing oil. I have been using it to remove my makeup for like a week, so I think I'm ready to give out my opinion.

Oh and by the way, I just bathed my little furry baby and now he smells like strawberries:

LOL~ isn't he cute?? ^__^
Take care, everyone!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm Baaack (with mini haul!)

I'm finally back on beauty blogging!

I wanna show you some stuff I got in the mail just recently.
A good internet friend of mine, creamymilk, was holding this mineral makeup sprees so I ordered some Blusche mineral foundation samples and Lily Lolo mineral foundation samples.

From Blusche minerals, I got three foundation samples (Mocha Java, Butter Caramel, and English Toffee) and a mineral veil sample in Phoebe. The samples come in small zip lock plastic bags and I only get to use them like 3 times... top. It's not the most generous amount of mineral foundation samples for sure. Too bad, 'cause I think I like the Phoebe glow veil. As for the foundation, I think they're just OK. I find Mocha Java suits my skin color most.

The Lily Lolo samples, however, are great! My skin looks smooth and even wearing these foundations. I seriously think I should buy some more... *sigh*
Warm Honey is totally my shade... I love it! This is Lily Lolo's official website, in case you wanna try some of their foundations. I really recommend trying them out, they're goooood ;)

Well, that's pretty much it, ladies. Now I will leave you with another reason why I haven't been blogging for a while...

Yes, my kitten has taken over the laptop. lol. I love him. :)


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