Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rant about my brother's wedding + Cherry Colors Giveaway

Cherry Colors is having a giveaway as a little thank you to all of her followers!

be following her blog
~Blog about her giveaway & link it
~Leave her a comment on her giveaway post, saying which prize would you like to get & why

The contest ends June 15 2009.


Hiiii ladies~ :D
I'm hella excited! My brother is geeting married on early of July and I'll be one of the bridesmaids.

I'm afraid I'll not be blogging for a few days because of this. I have to be involved with everything including picking colors for the bridesmaid's dress etc... I'm a tiny bit tired of all the fuss but it's actually pretty fun! It makes me want to get married myself, lol~

I met my brother's soon to be parents in law today and they were really nice to me. And being the makeup-geek I am, I already started to think about what makeup look I'll be wearing for D-day, lol. They probably will hire professional makeup artist so I'm kinda curious & nervous at the same time.

As for the dress, I'll be wearing Indonesia ethnic dress called "Kebaya". They come in different colors and shapes, but I think they are all gorgeous. I haven't picked my kebaya design yet but it'll be in off-white color. Here's some pictures of women wearing kebaya...

Now, will you let me know which design is the prettiest?? Would love to hear from you all!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mini haul from the mall :)

Wow, I've been updating religiously these days... Hope you guys won't get bored with me! :D

I got a Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash. I didn't buy the big size bottle because they also ran out of it. So I got the 60ml bottle instead:

I also got Olay Moisturizing Lotion from the drugstore. By the time I got home, I was like, "Dang! I forgot to grab a nivea lipbalm when I was in the drugstore!"
Tsk tsk.. forgetful Fifi.

New moisturizer! I'm excited! It's my first time trying out Olay. I hope it'll work for me because it's obviously a lot cheaper than my Clinique Moisture Surge. My skin is in OK condition lately, that's why I dare to try out a new moisturizer.

The last thing I bought is an eyelash curler from Kai Beauty Care, it's a Japanese brand I think. It costs me about 6 dollars. Works awesome on my lashes. :)

That's it for today's haul. Reviews coming up.
Have a good one, y'all! :D

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just some swatches + a sad rant =(

So I took some swatches from The All Natural Face mineral eyeshadows I got a couple of days ago. I have only tried 3 brands of mineral eyeshadows: Coastal Scents, Earthen Glow Minerals, and this one. Out of all three, I think Coastal Scents has the most pigmented mineral eyeshadow. But then again, I've only tried ONE mineral eyeshadow from them. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think mineral eyeshadows don't have as good staying power as regular eyeshadows. Even with my UDPP, they don't stay in place as long as my other eyeshadows do. That's kinda sad because I love mineral makeup!

I used my La Tulipe (it's a local cosmetic company) eyeshadow base under these swatches. It's a BIG difference when you swatch these eyeshadows without putting any eyeshadow base first. I also had to dust quite a lot of product to get the colors stand out more. "The Tempest" eyeshadow is actually more purple than what you can see on the picture, and so is "Purple ice storm". I think I'm gonna do an EOTD with these eyeshadows the soon I got the chance to put pretty makeup on.

Off to my rant..
I want to share a sad story with you guys. Here's the thing, I have a neighbor who has a dog AND a cat in his house. Apparently, the dog gets more attention than the cat even though he actually adopted the cat first. Maybe he got bored with the cat and then he adopted a dog.

He began to abandon his cat, letting this beautiful British Shorthair wandering around the streets by himself. It's a male cat, by the way.

I know he looks a bit scary in this picture but he actually is a very sweet cat. He's also very quiet. I don't think I've ever heard him meowing before! Pay attention to his right eye, it's BLIND. And my neighbor doesn't even bother to take him to the vet. How cruel!

It's been going on for almost a year now. I'm feeling REALLY guilty for doing ABSOLUTELY nothing. Well, I once gave him some cat food but that was ONE time. Me doing nothing is mainly because I'm afraid I'll offend my neighbor if I point it out to him how he's been treating his cat poorly.

Fear is a bad thing. It prevents you from doing the right thing.

I am still figuring out how we're going to talk to this sucky neighbor without offending him, because he sure looks like a prick (any ideas?). As much as I want to, I can't just snatch the cat and sneak him into my house because:
  1. The cat is afraid of people whom he's not familiar with. It won't be easy to catch him!
  2. I'm pretty sure he got thick and fleas! Eww. I certainly do NOT wat this cat to transfer his fleas to my cat. So I think I should put him in a quarantined place until I could get rid of the fleas before I introduce him to my cat, THAT if I could succesfully snatch him from my neighbor's house lol!

It's been very cold outside nowadays, the cat deserves a warm, loving home. After all, he was once a house cat. I don't know how he managed to survive all this time being outside. Hopefully my vet cold do something with his eye. It makes me really sad to see him half-blind and eating from one trashcan to another.

I hope I don't shock you guys with this story. It's actually pretty common here in Indonesia seeing wild cats wandering around the streets. It's really not safe out there and they could easily get killed by speeding vehicles.

I plan to talk to my neighbor tomorrow. Hopefully he'll let me keep his cat instead of just abandon it like it was nothing. Wish me luck, ladies!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

AbcgrrrL's First Giveaway

Yay for giveaways!
Congratulations to AbcgrrrL for reaching 100 followers. =)
Anyway, I got your giveaway contest link from Gaby over Xbeautyworld.

  1. Must be 18+ to participate.
  2. Must be following her blog
  3. Must be a blogger
  4. If you are a new follower (#100 + follower), tell her who’s blog you found my “giveaway” from.
  5. Repost her giveaway on your blog
  6. Leave her a comment with the following informations:
    • your name
    • your e-mail
    • the link to your post on her giveaway
    • constructive criticism
Giveaway will end on June 28nd 2009 at 11:59 PST

Don't forget to join in, ladies!

Friday, May 22, 2009

My first MAC brush + lovely etsy goodies!

Woohoo! Two packages a day! Let's get started, shall we?

I had to pick up these babies at the post office myself. Lame, I know. But that didn't really bother me because I'm just so grateful that my packages have arrived safely.

The first package is my MAC 187 SE Duo Fibre Brush. Oh boy, this is by far the prettiest brush I've ever had. I really want to try it right away but I restrain myself from doing so since I haven't washed it yet.

definitely worthy! ;)

I bought this brush as I was desperate to find a good liquid foundation brush AND a blush brush. I came across too many beauty blogs that recommend getting the 187 because it's really versatile. So I took that big leap and got myself a MAC brush. I gotta admit that I feel a bit guilty but what can I say, this brush is awesome!

The next package I got is actually some mineral makeup samples I bought from an etsy shop called The All Natural Face. It's a great shop! The owner is very friendly too. Her name is Crystal and she helped me picking my foundation shades. And the coolest thing is that she offers 7 foundation samples for only $0.22 (before shipping)! It's such a great deal, I just couldn't resist it!

I ordered a sample kit of 7 mineral foundation samples and an Orange Blossom Hydration Mist.

I got tons of freebies!

Hydration Mist (I plan to use this with my mineral foundation).

Some of the foundation shades I got: Olive Warmer, Creamy Honey, Cinnamon Latte.

When I opened my package, I was AMAZED by the amount of extra samples she gave me. She added numerous amount of foundation samples, eyeshadow samples, concealer samples, veil/finishing powder samples, and a mini kabuki brush.

Mineral veil & mineral glow (I read that it could be used as finishing powder or even blush!)

Some of the mineral eyeshadow samples she added to my kit. I actually got 5 more colors of eyeshadow samples.

Out of all these stuffs, I have only tested the hydration mist. I can't wait to play with all of the foundation shades I got. I'm so excited!

I'm going to post swatches of the eyeshadows real soon. I don't know yet if the eyeshadow is pigmented but it sure looks like so in the bag.

Hopefully you guys enjoy my haul. Thanks for reading and Happy Friday! :D

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Earthen Glow Minerals Facial Primer Gel

I don't know if you notice this, but I haven't done any reviews in a while. I remember Blair asked me about EG Minerals Facial Primer Gel on my EG Minerals haul post the other day. So, here's my attempt to give you all a quick review on the product.

Here we go!

This is what the website says about the product:
Silicon based facial primer to be used after moisturizer and before foundation or concealer. Will assist is keeping makeup freshly set all day. Primes the face making it smooth, even, and ready for foundation.

Well, I bought this primer simply because I was curious, lol. I've never tried any face primer before so I decided to start with this one.

What is it?
It is basically a colorless gel you apply on your face before applying foundation. I usually apply this after my moisturizer sinks in to my skin. It's supposed to prep your skin so that your makeup can last longer.

Price: $5 for a 15 grams tube.

  • After I apply it onto my face, the gel dries pretty quickly.
  • My face feels smooth after applying it. It actually feels pretty good on my face!
  • No perfume-y or funky smell.
  • It does make my foundation application more even & it leaves me with smoother finish.
  • Even though I still feel like I need to reapply powder after 4-5 hours, it does keep my makeup in place longer than usual.
  • It feels a tiny bit sticky, although the stickiness does not last long.
  • I don't like the packaging. It's blah-looking, haha~
  • I think I could use this up pretty fast considering now I use this almost every day. I kinda wish they offer bigger tubes.
Overall, I didn't go gaga for this product. But, I still think it's pretty good for the price.

Oh and, one day I tried applying it before my bb cream and my bb cream dries more quickly! I don't know if that's just me but I sure felt that way.

Would I buy it again? Hmm, I don't think so. It's not that I don't like this product, I just want to try other facial primers.

Now, do you have any face primer you want to brag about?? Do let me know! :]

Monday, May 18, 2009

Jane Swatches & China Glaze Help?

As I've mentioned before in my previous post, sorry for my bad lighting!
So here are the swatches from my Jane "Hero" blush and "Goddes" eyeshadow palette. It turns out the eyeshadows were NOT as pigmented as I thought they would be. I'm a little bit disappointed but oh well, I can't complain more as I got them for cheap!

I thought the yellow in "You're Golden" is gonna POP! But nah, the shade has the worst pigmentation of all four. Not to mention it's a bit on the chalky side.

However, I like Brazil Nut since it's a very pretty coral pink color. They all have sheen finish except for Brownie Points; it's a matte brown, which I think would be great to create subtle smokey look.

The blushes are also not as pigmented as any other drugstore blushes I've tried. But don't worry, the colors are still buildable. I do love the colors though, very suitable for everyday look, especially on my medium-tone skin.

So, there you go. I hope you enjoy the swatches! =)


I really want to get my hands on some China Glaze and OPI nail polishes. I have never tried those brands before since they're not available in where I live. Usually, when it comes to nail polishes, I just go to beauty salon to get my nails done. I suck at doing them myself, to tell you the truth. Besides, getting a manicure here is pretty cheap depends on which beauty salon you go to. I usually get a manicure for approximately $4,50 or even less (in Bali I can get a manicure for about two bucks).

China Glaze and OPI nail polishes have been on my lemming list for a while now. After reading a bunch of beauty blogs, I checked on but apparently, THEY DON'T SHIP TO INDONESIA. Sad, really.

Do you guys know any other options where I can buy China Glaze from? I tried browsing around eBay but usually the shipping cost is rather expensive.

There's this Indonesia-based online cosmetic store and they are now holding China Glaze and OPI shopping spree but a single China Glaze nail polish is priced at almost $11 each. Do you think it'll be worth it? Or should I just stick with using drugstore nail polishes?

Please do comment and let me know what you think. ;)

Tiny haul: Jane Cosmetics

Tiny haul! I bought these on a whim because they were on sale and I've never tried this brand before. Jane Cosmetics is actually not available here in Indonesia, I bought these from an Indonesian-based online cosmetic store. I've seen some makeup gurus on Youtube using them, so I thought I should just give them a try.

I got "Hero" duo shimmer blush and "Goddes" eyeshadow quad. They pretty much look like typical drugstore stuffs, don't they? I don't know about the quality though, since I haven't tried them on.

I was going to take swatches but I can't find good lighting. *sigh*
The blush looks pretty though. It will possibly be my next on-the-go blush since the size is just perfect for my school purse.

That's it for today's haul & have a good one, ladies! :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rant: Red Lipstick? Hmm..

Has anyone actually find it???

I have never been into red lipsticks, but now I'm lemming for one! I don't know why, I just kinda feel like I gotta find my shade.

Clearly I have NO idea which shade of red lipstick will suit my skin tone. Obviously, there are a lot of shades out there. I suppose cool-toned ones won't work for me? I usually just snatch my mom's lipsticks and try them on. None of them looks right. It looks more of like a stain, haha, not to mention my lips look so HUGE in red lipsticks, lol.

I was browsing around trying to find lipstick swatches but my internet connection really sucks, this is one of the reasons why I hate living in third world country: you pay a lot for internet connection, yet it keeps on disappointing you! I had to disconnect and reconnect every once in a while, it's really frustating! *Argggh*

Back to the topic,
do you ladies have any suggestions for me? Some articles I found says that if your skin is warm-toned, tomato-red lipsticks would work for you. True?

I know Revlon got a bunch of berry red shades, anyone has tried them before?

I'm soooo curious. I want a firey red, velvety lips. Maybe one day I finally find my HG red lipstick. Who knows!

Friday, May 15, 2009

EOTN: Smokey Purple

I decided to play around with purple today! What a blast! I gotta admit though, I haven't been that much into purple because the color tends to make my eyes look swollen if I'm not careful, lol.

Products used:

  • UDPP
  • NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow pencil in "strawberry milk"
  • CS 88 palette
  • CS 26 combo palette
  • CS gel liner
  • Oriflame stylo pen eyeliner
  • NYX ultra pearl mania in "Lilac" (lower lashes)
  • Earthen Glow minerals - mineral eyeshadow in "Allure" (highlight)
  • Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Extension Mascara

I had sooo much fun doing this, merely because I didn't plan anything. It just sort of happened! I just sit there in front of the mirror and do my makeup. It came out OK, I think... Please excuse my lack of skill. I don't wear e/s in my daily basis, but I'm still practicing religiously.

I wore Skin79 The Prestige BB Cream (from a sample size tube) and I think it rocks! I might do a brief review about it soon... :)

Anyway, Naomi over is holding a purple look contest (oh so many great prizes!). That's another reason why I'm trying out purple for today. I don't know if I'm going to enter the contest though, since I've just realized that I don't really have any great purple eyeshadows. I only got decent ones from my CS 88 palette. I have NYX ultra pearl mania in Lilac and some purple shades from various drugstore brands, but I don't know, the colors just don't stand out in pictures... Yeah, so, pretty much all my other purple eyeshadows suck. *sobs*

I guess I need to go shopping for great purple eyeshadows. Any suggestion? Something from NYX or Milani maybe?

Last but not least, thanks to all of you beautiful ladies for leaving me nice comments... You're all beautiful! =)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

SheR0XX giveaway contest

It's almost 2 a.m. here and I'm wide awake!! I think I'm gonna be applying lots of concealer tomorrow. *sigh*

Anyway, congratulations to Roxy over for reaching 100 followers!! Wow, that must be exciting. And the best part is.. she's holding a giveaway contest to celebrate it! This contest is open for everyone around the globe so I decided to join in. Hopefully I'll get picked. *finger-crossed*


1. MUST be following her blog!
2. Write a post in your blog about her giveaway linking back to her post!
3. Leave her a comment with your post on her post!
4. You will be entered twice if you are also subscribed to her feed!
5. Winners will be randomly picked.
6. Contest ends midnight May 19, 2009

Click this to join the contest!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

neutral gold-brown eyes

It's another neutral look for me since it's a school day. Haha, I knowww, lame excuse!

I normally don't wear e/s to school anyway. But I've been on a neutral kick lately and I'm glad I have my CS 26 combo palette. It's my current favorite palette!

I wear different shade of Earthen Glow mineral foundation, I think it came out OK. I usually wear "Lollie" but I picked up "Janelle" today. I am now pretty sure that EG minerals is the best mineral makeup I've tried! The foundation stays on my face all day and I don't have to blot as often as I usually do.

- Clinique moisture surge
- Oriflame Optimals Dayshield SPF 30
- Earthen glow mineral concealer in "Patsy"
- Earthen glow mineral foundation in "Janelle"
- Earthen glow High Definition Pro finishing powder
- POP Beauty - Sara beauty cabinet blush in apricot shade
- NYX round lipstick in "B52"
- MAC lipglass in "prrr"

-CS 26 Shadow Blush Combo palette

-NYX Ultra Parl Mania in "Pearl Nude"
-Maybelline unstoppable pencil eyeliner in brown
-Maybelline unstoppable curly extension mascara

I really like e/s #2, the gold color, it's sooo pretty! I use this color to line the bottom of my eyes, you know, just brightening it up a little. =)

What do you think about my new dress? Wearing it kinda reminds me of Bali and walking down the beach. Hmmm... I so want to go there again.

Thanks for reading, ladies.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

bold pink lips + my first AWARD!

I'm being brave today by picking up my NYX round lipstick in "Louisiana". It's bold pink yo!

I've never had the guts to wear such a bright color before. But I guess now it's my time to get out of my comfort zone for a while and try out new things. After all, I feel kinda guilty for abandoning this lipstick after buying it, lol~ :D

I use a bit of NYX round lipgloss in "Ballerina Pink" on top of the lipstick. I keep everything else natural.

On my face:
-Skin79 hot pink label BB cream
-Earthen glow minerals concealer "patsy"
-Earthen glow minerals foundation "barbara" (cover me formula)
-NYX mosaic blush "Paradise"

Now off to the best part... I got my first award:

The beautiful miss Vonnie gave me this Neno award. Thank you, dear! I'm so happy! =)

Terms & Conditions For the Award Recipient:
1. Paste the Award Logo in your blog
2. Give out the award to 10 Blogs that you feels the most inspired and most friendly.
3. Make sure u back linked the recipients' blogs to your blog.
4. Inform the recipients about the award by leaving them comments on their blog
5. Give some love to the person who give you this award.

Time to spread the loveeee ;)

I don't know if you ladies have already given the award but I'd like to give it to:

1. Ida (Thank you for your time helping me with EG minerals liquid foundation shades! ^__^)
2. Jes
3. Sofeeah
4. K
5. Nehs
6. Nanzy
7. Jilly
8. Donnarence
9. Chomfifi
10. Anastacia

Friday, May 8, 2009

Contest entry: 5 interesting facts about me =)

xSheMovesx is having her first free giveaway. Go enter the contest, ladies!

1. Follow her.
2. Post an entry on your blog advertising her contest.
3. Tell her 5 interesting facts about yourself!
4. Leave your e-mail address on her free giveaway post.

Contest ends May 23rd at 6PM CST. Winner shall be announced at 7 PM CST.

5 (interesting?) facts about me:
  1. I don't drink. I'll get rashes and fever the next morning when I drink anything with alcohol in it, think I'm allergic. Oh well, I got teased by my friends because of it!
  2. I'm a movie junkie. AND, American TV series junkie. I guess I learn most of my English vocabs through watching American movies & TV series, lol.
  3. My room is a hell of a mess. Seriously! I'm too lazy to tidy up.
  4. I'd LOVE to travel to other countries, but I can't imagine not being able to eat Indonesian foods. I'd be miserable without nasi goreng (fried rice)! (President Obama once lived in Indonesia and he loves nasi goreng too, totally random but yeah.. haha)
  5. I love going karaoke with my girl friends. It's always fun acting silly and singing your heart out!
What are your 5 interesting facts??? ;)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

EOTN: L'oreal Hip "Lively"

I love my L'oreal HiP eyeshadow duo in Lively! I think this is one of my most used eyeshadows. Here's the eye makeup look I wore for tonight.

Products used:
- La Tulipe eyeshadow base
- L'oreal HiP duo eyeshadow "Lively"
- NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencil "Lemon"
- MAC "Dark Soul" pigment
- CS 88 palette, silver color
- NYX "nude" from the TS03 eyeshadow trio
- NYX ultra pearl mania in "nude"
- CS black gel liner
- Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Extension mascara

Yay, sheet masks!

Good morning!
It's a wonderful morning here in Yogyakarta. It's pretty cloudy so I don't have to use a lot of sunscreen. I'm happy!

Anyway, a friend told me about this buy one get one deal on any nuface facial sheet mask on carrefour. She generously gave me 2 pieces of them. (I'll get them myself today!)

I tried the pink one last night, it is supposed to be "anti acne". I think it's good especially for the price! The cutting of the sheet mask is also very neat, it's very pleasant to use.

So if you live nearby the supermarket, you might want to get your butt out there and go grab some! Hehe~

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Skincare regimen: face cleansers

Some of my friends stopped by the other day and they were like, "WHY DO YOU HAVE ALL THESE CLEANSER PRODUCTS??"

They don't have any idea that having read a bunch of beauty blogs, I've become more aware of skincare routine and choosing the right stuffs.

The thing is, it is pretty common here in Indonesia that girls my age only use one type of face cleanser. That's why my girl friends made such a fuss over my tiny collection of face cleanser.

Most of my friends don't wear makeup in everyday basis. They don't even bother to exfoliate or use any other type of face cleanser other than a cleansing foam. Some of the cleansing foams they use daily are exfoliators, the type of cleansing foam that contains little beads in it to remove dead skin cells. They have no idea that they aren't supposed to use exfoliator products daily. :(

So, I make this post in case there are other Indonesian ladies out there who find it hard to choose from so many different products available in our market here in Indonesia.

It's all based on my experience so what works for me won't always be working for you.


Face cleanser
I usually go for a milk cleanser to remove my makeup then wash my face with facial foam afterwards. Recently I tried cleansing oil but I think I'm more of a milk cleanser gurl. Hehe.. :)
In those no-makeup days, I only cleanse my face with facial foam.

My current facial foam is Bless Anti Acne Facial Foam. After using it for a month, I don't think I will repurchase. Don't get me wrong, it's a great product for the price but I just want to try out something else. I've been lemming on The Body Shop's Vitamin E facial foam for quite a long time so I think I might try that one out. However, if you want a cheaper cleanser, Bless is a good alternative. It won't leave your skin feeling tight after washing your face, so that's a plus. It's also much cheaper compared to my previous cleanser which is Mark That's Deep Purifying Cleanser. If Mark wasn't that hard to find here, I'd definitely still be using Mark. It's the best gel-textured cleansing foam I've tried so far.

Now for the milk cleanser, my favorite one is definitely The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser. You can get it for 99 thousand rupiahs. I know it's quite pricey but I highly recommend it. It's really mild so it would be suitable for sensitive skin. Cheaper alternative for milk cleanser would be a local brand called Viva. They carry a bunch of milk cleansers too.

I've tried the brand Pond's once but it didn't work for me.

You need to exfoliate 1-2 times a week. I usually only do it once a week. I use my Clinique 7 Day Scrub cream exfoliator. Garnier Pure would make a good, cheaper alternative if you're OK with the stingy scent. I highly recommend Clinique because it has no scent and it doesn't leave your skin feeling tight after exfoliating. I know a lot of drugstore facial foams out there has micro beads in it to help remove dead skin while cleansing but you shouldn't use those type of facial foam everyday.

I've heard/read many raves about St.Ives Apricot Face Scrub, but I haven't got the chance to try it out. The product is nowhere to find here in where I live, sadly.

The Body Shop also carry a lot of exfoliators. I've never tried any of them though.


Well I guess that's all for now.
Any question or anything, just drop me a comment or email me. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

FOTD: sweet purple

More Eearthen Glow mineral eyeshadow tryouts!

I'm using "Holland Tunnel" in this look.

what Holland Tunnel looks like on the website

what it actually looks like

Quite a difference, right?
At first, I thought Holland Tunnel would be more of like a bright peachy pink eyeshadow, but turns out it's more on the blue side. This is what the website says:

The Holland Tunnel is a fantastic intense pink eye shadow with vivid color, slight sheen, and subtle green sparks of light throughout.

Err... okay, I don't know about the "slight sheen" part. Because, actually, the eyeshadow is pretty glittery! And well, it wasn't THAT vivid. I think it's better to use this eyeshadow wet. That way, the color will show up more and you'll not have to worry about the glitter falling all over your cheekbone.

  • Earthen Glow facial primer gel
  • Oriflame concealer
  • Earthen Glow mineral foundation in "Lollie" (cover me formula)
  • Palgantong Theatrical Powder (lavender finishing powder)
  • PoP Beauty rosey blush from the Sara cabinet
  • PoP Beauty pink lipgloss from the Sara cabinet

  • UDPP
  • NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in "Strawberry Milk"
  • Earthen Glow mineral e/s in "Holland Tunnel" (inner 2/3 of the lid)
  • Pink eyeshadow from CS 88 palette (2nd row from top, 5th column from right)
  • Purple eyeshadow from CS 88 palette (2nd row from top, 4th column from right)
  • Coastal Scents mineral eyeshadow in "Auburn Dust"
  • NYX ultra pearl mania in "Pearl Nude" as highlight color
  • NYX long eyeliner pencil in "black"
  • Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Extension mascara

Sunday, May 3, 2009

EOTD: day time smokey olive eyes

Gosh, lack of creativity with the title there! Hahahaha~
Yeah, I know I haven't posted any eotd for a while, so here's a subtle smokey olive green look I had fun creating recently...

with flash:

no flash:

I was wearing it and a friend of mine asked me if I can recreate it then post a tutorial in my blog...
Err, I don't think I'm good at tutoring so I figured I just list the products I used instead.
This look is super easy anyway. What I used:

  1. UDPP as base, all over the lid
  2. NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in"lemon", all over the lid
  3. Eearthen Glow mineral e/s in "Guilded Antique", inner 2/3 of the lid
  4. Earthen Glow mineral e/s in "New Leaf", on top of Gilded Antique across the whole lid
  5. Earthen Glow mineral e/s in "Allure", as highlight
  6. CS 88 palette e/s #6, on the outer lid
  7. CS 88 palette e/s #7, on crease
  8. CS black gel liner
  9. Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Extension mascara
overall look:

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope ya'll like it!


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