Thursday, July 16, 2009

awards, rant, and small haul from my last trip

I'm surprised by how many of you actually noticed me being back. lol. Thank you for your sweet comments! Each of them put a smile on my face :)

Anyways, I got 2 awards when I was away. YAAY! THANK YOU, LADIES!

From Fleur

♥ Begin Copy ♥
Inilah Award Tutorit Friendship itu...
Arti Award:
Tutorit Friendship merupakan award yang diberikan untuk blog/web
yang kamu anggap paling meng-inspirasi dan sangat bersahabat.

Homework to Special Friends :
Buatlah postingan yang memuat gambar award ini di blog kamu.
Sebutkan siapa yang memberikan award beserta link blognya.
Hadiahkan award ini kepada 10 sahabatmu.
Kunjungi blognya dan beritahukan kalau ada award dari kamu untuknya.
Lakukan hal yang sama seperti yang memberikan award ke kamu.
Copas dari "Begin Copy" Sampai "End Copy" di blog anda.

I think I'm just gonna give this award to...
Nova & Ai.

♥ End Copy ♥

From Vonnie:

"Grab this award on my blog by leaving a comment on this post, a smiley face will do hehe. Please make a post of this award on your blog then link the person who gave this award to you. Also, you must pass this award on to bloggers you choose."

I'm passing this one to:
AbcgrrrL & Ida

RANTS (non-makeup related)
So maybe some of you still remember me being psyched about my country's presidential election? Well, here it goes...
the candidate I was voting for is losing. BAD. They're still counting the votes right now but I'm afraid there'd be no hope left anymore. We're losing significantly to the incumbent candidate. How am I reacting to this? I'm going mad.

Because I'm the only one in the family who voted for candidate number 3 and my parents are now making fun of me!!! Every time the election updates are on TV, they would yell, "Hey look, your candidate STILL got the LEAST votes!!

Great. How democratic.

Also, I'm mad because (most) people thought I voted for candidate number 3 because I'm a Bugis (there's a race here called "bugis", they're originally from Makassar, southern Sulawesi). Well, here's the fact: I'm not a bugis. My father is a Javanese and my mom is a Banjarnese. And even if I were a Bugis, why does that matter?

Sometimes people make me laugh. Sarcastically.

Rant's over. Glad I let that out of my system, finally.


I got these necklace and bracelets from the Bunaken beach. A lot cheaper than buying souvenirs from the mall. If you ever visited Manado, you'll realize how people are like ADDICTED to shopping, especially for jewelleries. Seriously, there are tons of small jewellery stands in the mall, even in the streets. I'm amazed!

There were a lot of ethnic jewellery stands so I had to pick some of these! The one on the far left is actually a bracelet, it's so pretty!

This one is my favorite. These cute earrings only cost me about 4 bucks. I love the blue/green stones. So vivid, I think the colors go well with this dress...

I got this cute ruffle dress for approximately 8 bucks. Cuteness! I also bought a short that I'd pair with it. Just a casual dark grey short. I can't find it now though, I'm too lazy to look for it in my suitcase. Sorry. heh heh :P

Another dress. This one was a bit on the pricey side. But this is the kind of clothing I could wear daily so I just had to pick this up.

oh nooo, vanity! I wan't at my own room. I was shopping for furnitures with my sister and my dad. My sister was also taking pictures of herself in front of the mirror. lol!

And that's it for today's post. I didn't go mad on shopping on my trip, right? RIGHT? Well, that's not entirely true. I'll post up haul part II next time: my first stuffs I got from The Face Shop. God, I wish they're available in Yogyakarta. I think I fell in love with the Korean brand.

I'll see you guys soon. Take care and have fun!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Update: vacation recap && more


It's been a while since my last update. I'm just glad now that I got the chance to blog with my laptop again. I miss blogging and I certainly miss you all!!! How's everyone doing? I know I missed a lot *sigh*

So right now I'm chilling in my small hometown back in East Kalimantan (within 2 weeks, I've already been to 3 different islands, I'm exhausted from all the traveling but I can assure you: it was worth it!). I'm going to spend the rest of my holiday here with the family. The internet connection in my hometown is so damn slow though, I'm having trouble uploading the pictures. Boo!

This entry would be a quick recap on my vacation in Manado which was 90% internet free. I got no broadband signal there and surfing the internet with my sister's cellphone was lame because of the small screen, not to mention she'd continuously beg me to give her cell back (she's such a facebook junkie!!!)

Anyways. Before I move on with my rant... I wanted to give a shoutout to Vanessa. I entered her fish contest (it was really fun) and guess what, I won 3rd place!!! YAAY!! I didn't know that until I read MyMy's message on my shoutbox (thank you for letting me know, girl!). I was surpised when I found out about it. I'm so happy that I won my first contest! So thank you again for throwing the contest, Vanessa!

To sum up my first time visiting Manado: IT WAS AWESOME!! The people are friendly and there were LOTS of spicy foods. Yummy!!!

I visited 5 cities/towns during this trip and this was actually my first time going to the Sulawesi Island.

Our first destination is of course the famous Bunaken National Marine Park. I went snorkeling there and it was a blast!! It felt surreal with all the fishes swimming in groups and the beautiful coral reefs. I plan to go there again maybe next year with my sister, my brother, and his wife. I'm telling you, If you got the opportunity to visit Bunaken, go for it! This August, they will hold a festival called Sail Bunaken with international participants. That would be fantastic. I so wish I could be there!

We stopped by this peer and took a boat to Bunaken Marine Park.

my sister & I. Look how dorky we are! lol
The red tees & the blue shorts are kind of like emergency outfits. We didn't bring extra clothes to Bunaken (so stupid), so we had to buy some from the souvenir stands at the beach.

Holy crab! :D


My brother’s wedding was held in Kotamobagu, a small town about 4 hours drive from Manado. I got really tired sitting in the car, but the view outside my window was amazing. It’s green everywhere and the air is still fresh, unlike in Java.

people living in rural areas outside Manado

Downtown Kotamobagu:
The commonly used public transportation in Kotamobagu is called "Bentor".
It looks just like that one on the picture. You basically sit in front of the rider. My sister took this picture of a pink bentor decorated with marsupilamy stuff animals. lol.


wearing traditional wedding outfits for the ceremony, how cute! lol

This is actually me modeling my kebaya dress I wore for my brother's wedding party. Sorry I had to crop that out because my sister (who turns out to be a worse photographer than I am) cropped my forehead while taking the best picture that show my kebaya well. I wore this white kebaya to the party and the yellow one to the ceremony. The one I wore to the wedding ceremony is a lot more comfortable though. This one was too much hassle to put on, seriously!

the bride's older sister, my sister, and me before the ceremony
I did my sister's and my own makeup for the day because the makeup artist was late. Could you believe that? For the evening, I had my makeup done by a makeup artist.

traditional dance was performed as an opening for the wedding party

And so that's it for today's post! I wanted to post some more pics including my "haulage" pics but due to the slow connection, maybe I'll save some for the next post. Hope you enjoyed our little sneak peek to what a wedding in Indonesia looks like, haha. Oh and I came across The Face Shop in Manado Town Square mall. I was like, whaaat? They got Face Shop here??!! I couldn't believe what I saw. In my city, Yogyakarta, there's not a single The Face Shop store around. I'm so jealous!

Till next time, everyone!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quick Update!

Hi lovelies!! I'm typing with my sister's cell here,pls excuse any typos,lol. So i'm still checking some of ur blogs once in a while thru this cellphone but i dont really have time to update my own blog. I'm still on vacation in Manado and i'm having a blast here! there are lots of stuffs i've been meaning to share but not until i finally find myself a good internet connection. So thats it 4 now. I hope i can blog more asap.thx 4 reading n enjoy the summertime!


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