Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hair Up or Hair Down?

The weather was exceptionally good yesterday so I went out and took the camera with me. After taking the outfit picture outside, I told my friend to wait for me while I put my hair up because I was getting sweaty. When I was finally ready to go, he was like, "Why don't you do that to your hair more often? It looks good."

So I ran back to my room and took more pictures.

Felt like I would be doing a great disservice to my blog if I don't document it.

I rarely wear my hair up because somehow I think I look funny with ponytails (especially from sideways). :P

If you have dark skin, don't worry to go for pale/light pink blushes. I used to think they wouldn't look right for my NC37 skin but if you choose the right shade, they can actually work! They pair well with smokey eye makeup and nude lips. I was wearing the lightest pink blush from my Coastal Scents 26 combo palette (see swatches here) and I love how it seemed to complete the whole look. Also, I think the blush sort of makes the super huge pores on the hollows of my cheeks disappear.

I got asked by my friend who just started using Everyday Minerals about skin undertones and I was like, "hmm... actually, just look at your pictures!"

Lol. What a stupid answer.

But seriously, I guess in the following pictures you can clearly see how I have olive undertones? I'm definitely not cool and I'm not THAT warm either. When I was still an avid user of EDM foundations, their warm shades never match me right; they're always too yellow for me. So I stared at my pictures and thought, "GEE, I'M AN OLIVE!"

And yep, Olive Medium is my perfect EDM foundation match. :D

I didn't have the time to take proper close up eye pictures but it was not at all a complicated look. It's funny how MAC Teal pigment shows up turquoise blue here.

What I used:

urban decay pore perfecting primer
every day minerals semi matte base
light pink blush from coastal scents 26 combo palette
ELF translucent mattifying powder (someone asked on my formspring about this, I think you should just skip it. I'm just using it up for finishing and touch-ups , I don't actually like this product!)

UDPP (primer)
MAC Teal pigment
Coastal Scents 88 matte palette (some of the purples - dark on outer V, lighter purple on the crease, blended upwards)
Too Faced shadow in Heaven (highlight)
Stila smudge pot in black
Maybelline Volum' Express mascara
Elise fake lashes

Urban Decay 24/7 lip pencil in Ozone
MAC Prrr lipglass

How's your weekend coming up so far?


  1. june!!! di ikat cantik!! di gerai pun cantik..kalo di ikat kesannya kamu fresh likey :D

    btw muka mu kok dewy n glowy sekali..rahasianya apa sih?aku susyee bener bikin muka jadi dewy kaya kamu >.<

    oh ya..i love your dress too! <3 <3

  2. Hair up goes better with that fab dress. U look so gorgeous girl...n ur wearing my favorite earrings :D


  3. Love the up do one, looks so fresh :D

  4. Gorgeous!!!! Glowing skin!! Lookin' hot with your hair up, Fif!

  5. @Lumi: gak ada rahasianya kok Lum! Hehehe, yg penting pake moisturizer sebelum makeup-an aja. :)

  6. overall ? you look great with hair up , it works well with the makeup and dress1

  7. Hi Fifi!

    Your hair looks great and very glamorous! Cool outfit too, very put together. I'm dark (NC 40-45) and love pale pink blushes (Shu Pink 30 is my favorite).

    Also is the ELF Powder you're telling us to skip the Studio Line one? (HD one or whatever lol). Thanks! I was kind of interested in the ELF Studio powder but I'll forget it if you say it sucks. Thanks! :)

  8. u look pretty ,ur hair looks nice up and i love ur makeup

  9. You look gorgeous Fifi :) And I love the ruching on the purple dress you're wearing.
    I think guys like a change in our hairstyles once in a while. I put my hair in a ponytail a few weeks ago while around the house (I won't step out the door with a ponytail but that's just me) and my boyfriend liked it a lot LOL. Your hair looks great up or down. Do you curl your hair often? I find that usually changes my look quite a bit but lately I've been liking my hair straight - it's just easier ;)
    The light pink blush really suits you. I go light with blush too for the most part because I like dark/dramatic eye makeup.
    I got my order of lashes from Madame Madeline and noticed the few Elise lashes I ordered didn't have numbers on them....funny huh? How am I suppose to reorder the ones I like if I have no idea what number they are? LOL.
    My weekend is good thanks. Mostly clubbing...too much drama with my gf and her man though last night! How is your weekend coming along?

  10. Wow you look absolutely stunning in that dress!!

    Like you, I don't wear my hair up often, because I think that I look funny, too! I have such a long face and a huge forehead -_-

  11. Love your cheek bones, you have model features~ :] And your skin looks soooo glowy! I like this hair style on you, very chic.

  12. You look stunning with that outfit and that hairdo! ^^ Love it! More mature and elegant..
    I would love to do that hairdo but I have chubby cheeks, haha.. :P

  13. Thank you for your sweet comment my love! and your hair looks amazing up AND freakin down hehe!


  14. wow you look really hot! I dunno, both up or down looks good to me lol.

  15. With the dress which looks hot on you, I would say hair up. I like it up!... hehe~

  16. So pretty! I like the colour combo in your eye makeup :)

  17. love the entire look, you are gorgeous mA
    I love both and can't choose ^^


  18. hee?aku selalu pake moisturizer tp jatohnya matte melulu..*rasanya aneh soalnya kalo pake foundi ga di templok bedak tabur* kamu abis pake foundi gitu pake bedak lagi kan?

  19. Your hair is SO PRETTY up like that! :3

  20. either way you look hot! That's a stunning dress, btw :)

  21. love ur hair down but i understand the weather is just crazy and i dont like my hair sticking to my neck and get all sweaty so disgusting!lol

  22. you look so pretty hun :) i like you with your hair up! but i know what you mean, i think that i really look funny with my hair up, i think it's cause i have a big forehead or something :P but seriously though, you look really good with your hair up! :D

  23. You look stunning with your hair up or down!

    Loving the dress too! :) xx

  24. You look great with hair up or down~ I found it funny that you went back inside to take pics for us hahaha! Thank you!!

  25. Oh I love that dress, really hot! You are gorgeous, girl!



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