Sunday, May 23, 2010

Small Revlon Haul and Random Ramblings

Today Aslan and I said goodbye to Paris (or The Little One) for she has already taken to a new home. I hope she will always be happy with her new human!

Meanwhile, Aslan seems to be very cool about it and now he's back on being "king of the house" again. He really likes to boss around and tell me to do things ("pet me!" or "put more kibbles in my bowl!") but one thing he's not too fond of is having to take pictures with me!

I like how Aslan's head looks so fluffy here, lol

bye bye Paris, thank you for staying with us :D

I'm fully aware that it's not myspace but I did a little camwhoring last night and I like how this particular picture turns out...

Eye makeup close-ups...

What I used:
-NYX jumbo eye pencil in pacific (lid, along the lower lashline)
- The All Natural Face blueberry e/s (all over the lid)
- Urban Decay e/s in Ecstasy (crease)
-Urban Decay e/s in AC/DC (outer V)
-Urban Decay e/s in Sellout (inner corner)
-Too Faced e/s in Velvet Revolver (above the crease)
-Too Faced e/s in Heaven (highlight)
-Revlon colorstay liquid liner in Black
-Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
-Maybelline Volum' Express Mascara
-Trendy Fashion Lashes TEY-026

On my face & lips:
-Everyday Minerals bisque color corrector
-Everyday Minerals semi matte base in Olive Medium
-ELF translucent mattifying powder
-NYX rouge cream blush in Tea Rose
-Everyday Minerals blush in Nick Nack
-Maybelline moisture extreme lipstick in Natural Nude

To all of you my fellow Indonesian beauty junkies, I am happy to report that finally, Revlon is having a discount right now. I'm not kidding you. I can't remember the last time they did this... oh wait, they never did. And well, it's not really a big discount either, 20% off on purchases over Rp 200.000. But hey, it's better than nothing. Plus, they have added more stuff now. There are some new lipsticks (from the ColorStay line and something else... I can't remember the name but they have gold packaging, can anyone tell me what line they're from?). I also saw some new shades of the Super Lustrous lipgloss, new stocks of Colorstay Blemish Concealer (I've never seen them at the counters before), and a new line of mascara. In my opinion, they are worth checking out, especially the concealer because, for once, they actually offer darker shades! They should do the same with the foundations; widen the shade choices since we're not all "beige" here. Duh. :P

Here comes my mini haul...

I got:
- ColorStay Blemish Concealer in Medium (640)
- ColorStay lipstick in Creamy Coral (245)
- Super Lustrous lipgloss in Nude Lustre (040)

Also got two pair of lashes from "Trendy"? I'm not sure where these lashes are from but there's a Japanese writing on the box so maybe it's Japanese. Lol. Great quality of lashes though. They cost me around 3 bucks each at the mall. The first pair looks natural and very school/work-appropriate too.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Nude Lustre

First thing I noticed when I apply this gloss on my lips is that it's creamy but not too sticky, smooth application (seriously), and the fact that there's no strong smell like the Mineral Lipglaze has. It's exactly what I want from a gloss! The color Nude Lustre is, well, a bit sheer but I believe there are more pigmented shades available in the range. I'm also still not sure about the lasting power. I think it might be better than my NYX megashine lipglosses though. I think Megashine is better pigmentation-wise, but not application-wise. I feel like Megashine tends to move a lot on the lips and accentuate my lip lines.

I want to get more shades of this gloss but the other shades are too shimmery for my liking. For some reason I like cream finish glosses (like MAC's cremesheen). Maybe because sometimes when the color of shimmery gloss fades, the glitter stays on the lips making my lips look "meh".

Revlon ColorStay lipstick in Creamy Coral

It looks so cute when I swatched it at the counter but when I went home and tried it again on my lips I was like, "OH NOES. TOO BRIGHT!"

Haha, I'm such a klutz.

This is my first coral lipstick, though, everything else in my stash is either nude, pink, or peach. I think it would look fine paired with natural eye makeup and when I want a little bit more drama on the lips department.

Revlon ColorStay Blemish Concealer in Medium

First impression: cool stuff! It has a rating of 3.7 on MUA so that's why I got it. It gives me enough coverage for my silly tiny blemishes and hides the redness, but it's kind of hard to blend. I will be trying it out more before I make further judgment about it. :)

I have a question for my American blogger friends/readers: hypothetically, if I were to go to the US for a brief vacation, would you suggest me going to the east coast or west coast? I don't want to jinx it but I've always wanted to go to the US. I am partial to east coast (NYC!) but my sister voted for California already. What do you say? I'm open for any cool recommendations you guys have! Even if I'm not going this year, I can always refer to your recommendations later when I finally get the opportunity to go.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and commenting!


  1. Great little haul, Fifi! Awww your kitty is so cute! I've always wanted one but alas, my parents hate pets!

  2. nice haul! I used to have Nude Lustre. It's a very pretty colour to wear for everyday makeup :)

  3. Nice haul! I'm not a big user of revlon but I do admit they have a decent quality for the price :)
    is your e/s blue or purple?close up it looks purple but otherwise it looks blue on the pics... maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me o.0" either color, nice look there ;)

  4. @Hana: I wore dark blue on the lid and purple on the crease! :D

  5. Ooohh, aku barusan aja beli Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner (Blackest Black) and I must say, I'm surprised at how good it is! It stayed on and did not budge, did not smudge, =) Loving it!

    Love that photo of Aslan with his eyes closed like that, so cute!!

  6. Nice haul! Gotta take a look at Revlon when I'm in Jakarta next week :D

  7. Aslan is so cute and fluffy! Fifi, your eyes are so mesmerizing!

  8. u look pretty hun- i love ur lip colour also revlon nude lustree is a gorjus nude -i love it!!!

  9. Aww...such cute pics...n I love that photo of u turned out too. Nice haul..btw does that Colorstay Soft n Smooth smell weird??? Coz mine does n I did a post about it as "The Lipstick I regret buying" LOL. I love Super Lustrous lipglosses though


  10. Love your purple look! Years ago, I bought Nude Lustre and it was my favorite lip gloss for a very long time. It's shiny and moisturizing and if you're into nude lips, it's the one for you.

    The East Coast and West Coast cultures are totally different. California, especially Southern CA, has a lot of places to visit and activities to do. New York as well as the rest of the East Coast is more historic if you are into learning more stuff during your trip.

  11. I love petting pets and hearing stories about them, but that's about it. In all honesty, I have to say Aslan is a really good looking cat!... hehe~ :)

    Nice Revlon haul. You cannot return products over there right?

  12. definitely go to the east coast, there is more stuff closer together, and theres generally better transportation

  13. @Anonymous: thank you! I actually think the same way. :)

    @Alyssa: No we can't return products over here unless we get bad products, like broken lipsticks or something.

    @Chynthia: LOL! It does smell kind of weird!

  14. aaaw, what a cutie, reminds me of my cat, she's also black and white:)

  15. Your cat is SO cute :) Looks like a fluffy version of my old cat!

    I know I'm not American so can't really say much but I'd thought I'd tell you that I thought California and Nevada was pretty nice. San Fran is lovely xx

  16. I'd go east because I watch too much Gossip Girl? LOL! Perhaps I feel that the culture will be more diverse and as a foreigner, I'd be more accepted there... I dunno! but then again, I love the beach! I wouldn't choose California though. if I were to go somewhere other than the east coast, I'll go to the country side.

    Love the kitties pics and your makeup looks fab :D

  17. Aslan is so cuteee... ^^
    Oh, do you think that Revlon going to launch the Photoready Foundation in Indonesia anytime soon?? Cause I really want to try it out since the bloggers are all raving about it.. :)

  18. I love this look; your eyes look so gorgeous!
    I'm from California so you'd think I'd recommend you go there in a heartbeat, but I actually really love the east coast. Massachusetts, New York, and Conneticut all have some seriously beautiful areas.
    Have fun! (And btw, you have adorable kitties :)

  19. Awwh, Aslan looks like the kitty I had in NZ :D

    Love the EOTD too!

  20. I've tagged you for a blog award! x

  21. Awww that was so sweet of you to house Paris until she found a good home :)
    That purple shadow you have on in your close up FOTD looks gorgeous!
    Oooo and the lower pair of the two Revlon lashes looks really nice! Totally my style...and I haven't seen this line of Revlon lashes here. Ours in in black packaging and the Revlon lashes they sell here look a bit too natural for my taste (I'm totally into dramatic ones only now).
    I love the Revlon Colourstay foundation and the concealer you got looks similar to the MAC concealer I have at the moment. Is it too hard to blend because it dries too fast? Or is it too thick?
    I'd love to travel more to the States. I have no idea which coast is better but have you thought of travelling to Canada? ;)

  22. your cat is so photogenic! mine never poses hahaha :P i think your makeup looks amazing here by the way! you should do more tutorials? :)

  23. Great haul Fifi! It's great that Paris finally got taken to a new home ^^ You truly are a saviour to that kitty, good karma will come your way =)



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