Monday, January 10, 2011

Current Beauty Crush: Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer

Recently I got re-acquainted with my love of bronzers. I haven't touched them in a while because of laziness (they need proper blending unless you want to look like you got dirt on your face, you know what I mean?). So I went over my stash the other day and picked up my Too Faced The Bronzed and The Beautiful Palette. Out of the three mini bronzers in it, Sun Bunny got the least number of swipes because I was afraid of how dark it looks in the pan.

Eventually I managed to get out of my comfort zone and put Sun Bunny on using the included mini "flatbuki" brush. I was pleasantly surprised by the result! Not only did the bronzer blend easily on my skin, it also looked very natural on me. Unlike many bronzers I've tried before, Sun Bunny doesn't leave me looking orange or muddy.

where I put my bronzer on

The Sun Bunny Bronzer and the mini Flatbuki brush, aren't they cute? :)

The flatbuki brush is soft and dense. It's the perfect size for contouring my cheekbones. I've never really used it before because I thought it was too small to get anything done but clearly I was wrong. And by the way, I did a full review on the palette over here.

This is the look I wore on Saturday. I did a quick smoky look paired with pink cheeks and lips. Very simple!

- Monistat chafing gel as primer
- MAC Face & Body Foundation
- NYX cream blush in Boho Chic
- Everyday Minerals blush in Nick Nack
- Too Faced Sun Bunny bronzer
- Maybelline Clearsmooth Powder

- Nivea lipcare SPF 25
- PAC gorgeous liquid lip color in Lilac Sugar
- MAC Creme d'Nude lipstick

- Stila smudgepot in black (base)

- Urban Decay deluxe eyeshadow in zero (all over the lid)
- NYX trio eyeshadow palette in TS03 (dark brown on crease)
- Thevi matte eyeshadow #250 (a matte, light warm brown color for blending NYX eyeshadow above the crease)
- Too Faced eyeshadow in Silk Teddy (browbone highlight)
- Maybelline The Magnum mascara
- LT Pro waterproof pencil eyeliner in black
- Elise fake lashes #10

Thank you for reading and may I ask what your favorite bronzer is? :)


  1. I need to play with my bronzers more often. I neglect them too long. I often skip bronzer since i felt its a lil too much for labwork.

  2. Ah you look gorgeousss Fifi! I haven't tried using the Zero urban decay deluxe eyeshadow all over my eyes as it seems really pigmented....but I love a smokey eye look and you always pull it off so well. Wow, how did you remember the number of these Elise false lashes?! That's the brand we were talking about how they don't have numbers or names for them right? :P
    I haven't been using bronzer (or even lipstick) much lately but I really should or else I'll never get through my makeup stash LOL
    And Sun Bunny looks really pretty on you. You have great blending/makeup skills so you could make any product work well I'm sure ;)

  3. hi Fifi, i love the sunkissed outcome.So natural! Pretty as always:)

  4. I'm currently using Rimmel's Natural Bronzer in Sun Light and that is just really nice for all over the face type look :)

  5. I use bronzer for contouring and my favourite is the Sephora B01 featured in the Sculpt-Disk. I am NC30 and it matches well with my winter sallowness... ;)

  6. You look gorgeous Fifi!!! I love Too Faced bronzers too. Interesting that you used the Monistat chafing primer. I actually purchased this, but have yet to test it out! :)XOXO!!!

  7. You look beautiful Hun! My favorite everyday bronzer is by Wet n' Wild called Princess. But I have recently been playing around with N.Y.C. bronzer in Sunny. I really like it so far. But you have convinced me that I really need to try Too Faced Sun Bunny bronzer LOL! It looks great!

  8. You're using the face and body foundation by mac! What shade are you using? Thanks

  9. do u wear contact lenses? your eyes are so cool!!

    Only just stumbled across your blog but it's really good!!

    If you've the time please check mine out too!! xx

  10. fifi i love the bronzer on you!!! it looks so pretty does it have shimmers?? or is it matte??thanks

  11. @Pepper: LOL I love your avatar! Cute cat. I agree, bronzer can sometimes feel a bit too much. I don't wear it everyday either, only on special occasions. :)

    @Karen: Answered you on your blog hun! Oh and, you should totally try Zero for a quick all over the lid-type smokey look. I think it's hot :)

    @Ginger: Thank you!

    @Ndoodles: I wish we got Rimmel here in Indonesia!

    @Meibalo: Nice to hear that you got a bronzer that works for you! It took me a while to discover mine.

    @Pammy: Thank you! I love Monistat! It helps to make my concealer looking less cakey too. :)

    @Alina: Thank you hun. I've been curious with Wet n Wild products. I heard good things about them.

  12. @Ruzanna: No problem, I'm a C4! :)

    @Elizabeth: Yes I do and thank you! I'll be checking out your blog too.

    @Donna: The bronzer contains shimmers but they're SO tiny and soft. They're not the type that makes your pores stand out, they're actually invisible on the skin.

  13. You look beautiful as always Fifi!
    I really like your makeup!

    The small kabuki brush is so adorable, it did an amazing job for contouring. And the Too Faced powder is gorgeous!

  14. Your skin looks so glowy and blemish-free! D= I like the way the bronzer adds dimension to your face, I need to get one!

  15. Thanks for the tip. I never know the spots to highlight my face. I also low your skin. It looks so flawless. So jealous. :)

  16. I love your glowy skin, it looks so pretty :-)

  17. You look radiant, Fifi, as always! I'm totally addicted to bronzers xD

  18. Gorgeous look! MY all time fav bronzer is the Chanel Bronze universel.. love it to bits.xx

  19. Hi again Fifi - Oh thank goodness Elise figured out they should name their products LOL. I don't see Elise lashes being sold in stores here so I only ordered them online that one time. Thank you for letting me know about this though ;)

  20. Fifi, you look so gorgeous and as usual you pull-off the smokey look so well!!

  21. you look like a bronze goddess. Stunning!

  22. Too Faced is an affordable line. I like it too! Their eye shadows are good! :)

    This bronzer looks great on you! I like how you provided a guide to how you applied the bronzer.

  23. Fifi, ni komen pertama ak di blog kamu.. biasanya silent reader..

    dan yg mmbuat ak pengen komen adalah..
    pas kebetulan ak kebingungan mo beli "too faced" atau "nyx tango with bronze" secara kebetulan.. aku melihat review kamu, dan tanggalnya adalah pas sama pas hari g nanya2 kebingungan panik nanya2 ke temen2 aku (yg ga punya jg, ga bantu deh)..
    WHOA.. jadinya krn "takdir" (atau mungkin emang cuma pengen! LOL!)
    jadinya g udah putusin mo beli too faced aja.. XD
    thx uda review ya..


  24. @seravina: you're welcome! and makasih yaa udah komen :) bronzernya too faced ini bagus kok, powdernya fine bgt dan gampang di-blend. :)



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