Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heart Jewel Fake Lashes

You guys know I love falsies.

I found a new brand that I haven't seen anywhere else before; it's called Heart Jewel Lash. I'm pretty sure it's a Japanese brand but the lashes are actually made in China. What makes me excited is the fact that 1) it's fairly cheap, and 2) it comes in a beautiful crisscross design which reminds me a lot of those expensive Japanese dolly wink lashes.

I bought it for only Rp 29.500 a pair (that's not more than 3 bucks) at Matahari Department Store. I have yet to try them on but I bet they'll look awesome! I'll update this post with more pics once I got the chance to rock these lashes. :)

Heart Jewel Lash #16

Don't buy these if you're new to wearing lashes! The band is too stiff so it's kinda hard to adjust. I still like the design, though. I think it's a nice pair to wear on a date, it's not too dramatic but it still gives the eyes some definition.

Anyway, everyone is talking about the crop circle that appeared in a rice field in Desa Berbah last Sunday. I was planning to see it today with my friends but it rained so hard I decided to postpone it. I believe it's man-made, though. I mean, come on, this is Yogyakarta. Lots of artists and uni/college students live here. I'm sure it's just a prank. An awesome one, that is!


  1. I can't wait to see them on your eyelids! They look fantastic in the box.

  2. Nooooo waaaaay Fifi! It's an ALIEN in Yogyakarta!!! LOL :P
    The lashes look fab. I can never get the hang of the criss crossed pattern ones though....I go for the basic straight ones - just bit on the long side and full ;)

  3. Wow, cute packaging! =D


  4. can't wait for your next fotd...
    btw i saw the circle too, and it can be made.. but not on one day.. i'm kida curious tho' :D

  5. When I saw the $29, I was thinking to myself, "That's her definition of cheap?!?!?!" Then I saw that it really comes out to less than $3 and I felt so silly! XD

    Also, I wanna go visit the crop circle, even if it is man made! :3

  6. hmm, not sure if I commented yet but I thought I saw this... gorgeous look! I might have to give it a try later ;]

    By the way, I nominated you a blog award!

  7. love the make up! and to your latest post (which i can't comment on for some reason). i can't believe someone DIED taking pictures of crop circles, that's an awful way to die lol! and how dare they inconvienence you! hahahahahaha (i always say that when there's traffic jam and I think "gawd they're so insensitive, why get into a car accident during rush hour when it's already rushed enough!")

  8. hi fifi,
    I saw theses lashes yesterday and remember your review, but I can't remember which one you bought ^^
    They all look so pretty

    Which one do you like best?these one or elise's?

  9. Poo: I like Elise better! Yang ini tulang-nya agak keras, jadi susah dibengkokin. Kalo elise kan tulangnya lebih lembut. :) Btw liat fashion lashes juga dong di matahari? Itu juga bagus dan harganya sepantaran sama Heart Jewel Lash ini. ;)

  10. Waahh... bagusan elise ya?
    padahal lebih murah elise, hehehehe...

    fashion lashes yang mana sih?aku ngeliat banyak lashes di matahari, tapi yang kuperhatiin bener2 mereknya cuma heart jewel ini, gara2 liat blogmu ^^
    emang dia lebih bagus ya?
    tapi sayang ah kalo buat dipakein ke orang, aku tetep suka yang lusinan.hihihihi...

  11. @Poo: aku pernah nge-post penampakannya trendy fashion lashes di sini. fashion lashes ini juga menurutku lebih bagus dari heart jewel, soalnya ya lebih lembut itu dan banyak model2 yg natural :)

  12. udah aku liat. baguuss.. natural bgt modelnya.
    si fashion lashes ini cuma ada di matahari ya?
    aku suka males beli di tempat2 gitu soalnya mereknya suka ga jelas, mahal, trus kualitas mengecewakan, bahkan kadang masih bagusan yang 2rebuan itu.hihihihi...

    kalo nemu bulmat2 lagi di jogja review2 yaa... aku juga lagi kecanduan nih. pengen cari yang rada heboh2 gitu ^^

  13. @Poo: iya aku lihat si Fashion lashes di Centro dan Matahari. Emang suka mahal sih, tapi kadang ada diskon 20% kok. Jadi kalo mau beli asiknya pas lagi diskon aja! Hehehe..
    Kalo mau yg rada heboh, Elise kan banyak tuh?



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