Friday, January 28, 2011


If anyone cares to see how the Heart Jewel Lashes look when worn, please go to my previous post. I've updated it with some EOTD pictures wearing the lashes. I am a bit disappointed with the quality though; the band is too stiff for my liking and you can see some uneven pigmentation on the lashes (inner part is lighter in color).

Anyway, my plan to see the crop circle had to be postponed again because apparently someone died in the location and now the police had to close it down. I saw it in the news that the guy was trying to take pictures of the crop circle but he fell from a cliff. Seriously, what are the odds? But we still went on a short trip to Borobudur temple. It was a super hot day and I forgot to bring my sunscreen lotion, unbelievable.

my *omg I'll be getting a really dark tan after this* face
some pics I took...

I'm not that good of a photographer, but take my word for it: the view from up top is so beautiful. If you visit Yogyakarta, you must see Borobudur temple!

*PS: Yep I changed my blog layout! I've always wanted to have that clean, white background. I think it's good enough for now. What do you think?

*PPS: Still figuring out why the comment button disappeared. It seems to be fine on posts that already had comments.


  1. Nice pictures! I like your outfit too, simple yet cute!

  2. I love your outfit - esp. your nude shoes!!

  3. You look gorgeous in these pictures Fifi - I love your greyish blue jeans too. Borobudur temple looks really beautiful and I love the scenic mountains/forests around.
    Yeah I love the white background of your blogger template. I guess that's why I've kept mine plain white for so long.
    Wow, that's awful that someone passed away while falling off a cliff to look at those crop circles :(

  4. hrm. the comment box isn't taking my comment. but i just want to say the Borobudur temple looks awesome. i want to visit one day! and your tan looks great on you. love the nature picture!

  5. Love the new layout Fifi! And oh my goodness, the scenery is beautiful. You have gorgeous sites over there. I'm surrounded by buildings and street lights T__T



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