Sunday, August 28, 2011

will be back with a vengeance...

Hi guys,
I can't thank you all enough for the words of encouragement on my last post. I've heard stories about cats going away for weeks even months before coming back home, but Aslan has been missing for days now and still nobody has seen him. I searched for him many times and asked around but people seem to assume he was indeed stolen. Aslan is very noticeable (he's huge compared to the average cats here) so it's very unlikely that he can roam the streets without anyone noticing him. In my heart I still have a glimpse of hope that he's going to come back, but seems to me that chances are low :((

I'm sorry I sounded kind of hysterical on my last post but yeah, you can probably guess how much I love my cat. On the third day he didn't come home I just went nuts because he's always been an indoor house cat, he's ill equipped to search for food himself.

Aslan has brought so much joy to my life. In late 2009 I was really really down and he helped me cope with the situation. He's such a loving creature. When I take him to the vet, he never resists and he's always very calm when the vet touches him. I saw other cats acting like psychos at the vet, lol, so he made me really proud there. He's the best cat I could've ever asked for! I cherish all the moment we've spent together.

Here he is looking all majestic like he truly is ;)

Ahh I'm kind of out shape right now since I lost my cat, lol. It hit me really hard, I guess. Just want to curl up in bed and not do anything.

For the moment I think I'm going to be absent from the blogosphere. It's not just because of this unfortunate experience of losing my beloved cat, but I've actually been growing out of makeup for quite some time now. I also want to get more serious on other projects in my life. I will pop up once in a while to do requested and sponsored reviews that I have agreed to do but I won't be around much to read/comment on other people's blogs. I'm going to miss you guys, and Happy Eid Mubarak for fellow Muslims.

Till next time. Ciao!


  1. Oh my goodness, I hope you can still find him. Just keep hoping and praying that he comes back soon. :(

  2. Oh, Aslan.

    Oh, Fifi.

    I understand how things are hurting right now (i just recently lost my teddy hamster and I was to blame) and it's sad that we won't be seeing much of you in the coming days.

    If there's one thing about this loss, it CAN BE temporary. I hope Aslan goes home one day (please, please do). But if he doesn't, I will always pray that he is in good hands and with someone who'll love him the way you do.

  3. Aw my best wishes to your Fifi. Aslan sounded like a wonderful cat and he was so handsome. You weren't hysterical, it's a terrible loss to suffer. My best wishes to you and Aslan.

  4. Oh so sorry to hear about Aslan =( Just focus on the happy times and happy life you provided him while he was with you. I hope that he finds his way home.

    Ah totally understand the whole growing out of makeup thing. Life is way too precious and short to focus too much on frivolous things such as makeup. Keep going at life Fifi! And maybe we'll see you pop in from time to time just like you said =)

  5. im gonna miss you fifi :( i always love your blog posts and since its updated regularly too

    but i hope the best for you because yes, everyone has life outside blog

  6. I really feel for you Fifi. I'm so sorry to hear about Aslan but I'm very hopeful that he will show up at home or someone will find him for you ;) I can tell he was very well loved by you and that means so much to me as I really love animals so much too.
    I always loved reading your blog Fifi. If you decide to come back blogging (or at least update us on Aslan), I know I and many other readers will be happy for that.

  7. So Fifi, bye for now! I am going to miss you, I love your posts :( but I also want to tell you that I really sympathise with you on your loss of gorgeous Aslan and hope he turns up again soon!

  8. Oh gosh... I hope you find him... I'm gonna miss your posts, Fif! I miss seeing Aslan appearances in your post too...

    Do update us on Aslan...

    Prayers and thoughts...

  9. Oh my! I just came back from my holiday and when read your blog just now, I feel so sad too.
    I have a pet too, I remember when my dog is almost kidnapped by bad people. :(

    I hope you get better Fi, I will miss your posts. I hope you can find Aslan soon, wish you the best Fi!

    As for blogging, I have decided to work hard IRL now, so I'll cut down my blogging time.

    Let's fighting! ^^

  10. Why would you put your cat out if he has never been outside before? They cant fend for themselves if they live inside and rely on people to live. He probably found a new home inside with another family.

  11. @Mel: I understand why you'd probably think I was being negligent, but I explained why in the previous post and no I didn't blatantly put him outside, he was in our closed backyard. We didn't think he could sneak out but he found a way to. I wouldn't put him in the backyard if it wasn't for my parents and I really regret this decision.



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