Wednesday, November 16, 2011

FOTD: Warm Shades

Please excuse my egg-head. I had to put my hair up on a ponytail because it was windy yesterday. I just can't be bothered to style my hair properly when it's going to become a mess anyway the second I step out of the house.

I do enjoy the chilly weather, though. For me it's better than when it's scorching hot like a few days ago; felt like somebody's holding a giant magnifying glass on top of my head. The darndest thing about Indonesian weather is that even in our coldest months (I'm using the word "cold" lightly here), you can never tell when the sun will suddenly turn hardcore.

If you're wondering what's with the socially awkward penguin reference; I just think it's funny! And, okay, in my case it's most likely true anyway. I'm rather incompetent at making small talks. I'm sure some of you have probably been in that awkward situation where you are alone with someone you don't know that well and both of you just can't seem to come up with anything to talk about. Well, that happens to me quite often, haha. Especially with much older people, say, an uncle or a friend's parent, I'd be like sooo quiet.

Don't get me wrong, I love being involved with people, but initiating the conversation isn't really my strongest point. I don't seem to have any problem interacting with people I am already close with, but with new people of different interests/backgrounds I can be clueless and clumsy. Usually the whole episode ends up with me beating myself up for saying some stupid nonsense.

I'm not really an introverted person though I can get quite shy at times. Truthfully, when I really want to connect with someone, I sure will make a great effort for us to have a stimulating conversations.

I believe two people can build a deep, satisfying relationship even on an intellectual level despite of having great differences. Perhaps the answer is in the attempt. After 23 years of living, I reckon that most people do notice and appreciate your effort to communicate. But some just don't care. If you're lucky enough, you find people who have a lot of things in common with you and are willing to connect as well.

Back to makeup,
I put a little more effort into this look since I was in the mood. I think this is a great way to wear some color to work. You just add some funky shimmery deep berry on the outer part of your lower lashline and BAM! More interesting look than your usual neutral browns. ;)

I know it looks like pink there, but it's not. It's just my room's yellow lighting messing up with the color balance.

Anyway, from doing this look I discovered a nice blush combo: MAC Margin at the temple of my cheeks and MAC Eversun to contour. They're really nice warm colors. I know it's autumn now and that you're supposed to wear more muted, cool-toned colors, but at that particularly cold day I felt like wearing some warm colors instead. :)

I dropped my Eversun blush and pressed it back together with alcohol. I didn't exactly do a good job on it. XD

- Urban Decay pore perfecting primer (forgot that I had this!)
- MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC 37
- MAC blush in Margin & Eversun
- Bourjouis highlighting powder
- Diorskin Forever compact powder

- MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre
- MAC Chocolate Brown pigment
- NYX Mink Pearl pigment
- Urban Decay eyeshadow in Last Call
- Dark brown color from Coastal Scents 88 palette
- Too Faced eyeshadow in Heaven
- Bourjouis highlighting powder
- Stila smudge pot in black
- Etude House henna fix proof 10 mascara
- Elise false lashes

- Nivea spf 27 lipbalm
- PAC pot gloss #02
- Revlon Superlustrous gloss in Nude Lustre

I can't believe it's still Wednesday! Ufff. Still a long time until the weekend comes. XD


  1. awww you look gorgeous! i can't wait to go back home to indo next month!

  2. I love your blush combo! And your eyes are always so pretty Fifi... i adore this look!

    And on communicating, I find myself in the same situation, too! I wonder why I was more gutsy during my younger years in striking up a conversation with others when I should be braver at this point.... hmmmm... self-esteem nose-dive methinks. :D

    Thank you for another pretty FOTD!

  3. why you're always look so stunning Fi! *O*
    I really want to meet you someday and learn make up from you, lol I love how you apply your blush and your eye make up. <3 <3

  4. I love the blushes....
    Very fits on you. And those eyes are so pweeetiieee as well...

  5. you look so fresh when you tie your hair up! :D
    anyway, is that the lightning or do i feel that your skin is gettin brighter? :)

  6. I'm horrible at initiating convos.. need a make more of an effort to do that. on the other hand, I love how you have your hair up.. it shows off your features even better

  7. I *love* that deeper autumnal cheek and lip on you and the pink on the lower lashline!

    I'm rubbish at small talk too. Most people probably end up thinking I'm either an idiot or rude because I'm just so bad at it :P

  8. Where did you get your contacts? They're so cute!



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