Thursday, November 24, 2011

My False Lashes of Choice

Every time I get asked about the false lashes I wear I keep saying "I don't remember the number" which is so not helpful, right? So I thought I'd make a post that I can refer to next time someone asks me the same question. To be fair, though, Elise lashes have complicated serial numbers so I never really bothered to memorize them. I just pick them out at the store based on what they look like.

These three are my favorites as I wear them more often than other falsies I own. I usually get up to 7-8 times of use out of them which is not bad considering the price (they don't cost me more than $1.30 a pair).

Elise #4531
This is my favorite pair for everyday wear especially when I'm wearing dark smoky looks. It adds more volume and it blends well with my natural lashes. In this FOTD I was wearing this pair with added mascara.

Elise #4781
I'm wearing this pair on my last FOTD post. This is my favorite pair for when I'm wearing neutral-ish eye makeup.

Elise #6285
This is my go-to pair for partying. I usually layer this with #4531 to get even more dramatic effect like I did on this post.

With falsies I think you just have to be creative. Sometimes layering two pairs can really make a difference in the whole look.

Soooo that's that! I hope this helps. And yeah, I do wear falsies almost everyday. I feel like I'm naked without them. :p


  1. All three look so good on you, it's hard to pick which one's best!

  2. These look like the ones I like by QUO. The band is super thin and transparent and so easy to apply.

  3. Great post on the lashes Fifi :) I love your FOTD posts and I LOVEEE lashes as well! I wear lashes pretty much everyday too (whenever I go out or wear makeup, that's for sure!). My favourites are still the Ardell 107s. Have you managed to try a pair of the Ardell 107s yet?
    I have tried a few Elise lashes but i have to buy them online...which makes it a bit tougher to pick them up at any time. The cheapest I can get my lashes are about $3 a pair....where do you purchase your lashes Fifi to get them at such a great price? Thanks in advance Hun x



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