Friday, November 18, 2011

Review: Innisfree Moisture Shine Gloss

Lately I've been seeing so many new products from Korean brands such as Innisfree, The Skin Food and Etude House. These products are not only of high quality, but they are also relatively inexpensive (especially if you live in Asia). Don't be surprised if I'm going to feature more Asian products in the future!

Innisfree has not opened a store yet here in Indonesia so I purchased these glosses online through a local seller. I only paid about $21 for the three of them including shipping because they were on sale. On eBay I found a Korean store that sells them for $9.99 a piece so I think I got me a pretty good deal.

When I purchased them I didn't have any high expectations because I haven't seen them being reviewed anywhere. They are also half the price of my favorite MAC Lipglass yet they come in bigger tubes. I was sold when I saw the colors; they're my favorite kind of milky nudes! I got mine in #1 Sugar Beige, #4 Milky Pink and #5 Cream Rose.

Innisfree Moisture Shine Gloss
Price: around $7-$9/5g
Origin: South Korea
Available in 5 colors: #1 Sugar Beige, #2 Pale Pink, #3 Coral Nude, #4 Milky Pink and #5 Cream Rose

Size comparison (L-R): MAC Lipglass, Innisfree Moisture Shine Gloss, NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss.

Eh, I'm not too sure what it means by "For Eye Wing Makeup", hahah. Everything else on the tube is written in Korean.

As you can see, this gloss is a bit bigger than MAC Lipglass but not as big as NYX Mega Shine. The packaging is not in princess-y design or anything "kawaii"; just plain old clear tube with a brown-ish handle.

The doe foot applicator is rather tiny. It does an okay job in getting the product out and applying it onto the lips but I wish it was a little bit bigger like normal doe foot applicators you find on Western brand glosses.

However, the gloss itself is AMAZING! First of all, they're not kidding around by naming it "Moisture Shine"; the gloss really does feel moisturizing on the lips and give off beautiful shiny finish. I even wore this once when my lips were dry and flaky but the gloss didn't accentuate those fakes and actually left my lips nourished.

They are also decently pigmented (Sugar Beige is surprisingly the most pigmented one on the lips) and even though they all have shimmers, they don't feel gritty at all. The consistency reminds me of Revlon Superlustrous lipgloss; it's definitely on the gooey side but on the lips it's not as sticky as MAC Lipglass. I find the staying power pretty good for a gloss; I can wear this for two hours straight before I have to reapply.

This is how they look on my lips. I'm not wearing anything underneath the gloss and my lips are VERY pigmented.

Sugar Beige is, umm, not at all beige. It's more of a pale cream color with silver and gold micro-shimmers. The shimmers aren't captured very well on this photo and in real life they're hardly noticeable either. This color kind of reminds me of MAC C-Thru lipglass.

Milky Pink is a pale lilac color with multicolored shimmers. It very much resemblances Revlon Coloburst Lipgloss in Crystal Lilac. I guess Milky Pink is not as opaque as Crystal Lilac, though. Again, my photo doesn't do any justice to this gloss because in real life it's so much prettier!

Cream Rose is my favorite out of the bunch! OMG. It's just too pretty. The color is creamy, purplish rose which I think is universally flattering. On my lips it looks kind of too purplish than it actually is (maybe because of my lips' natural color) but on top of lip concealer or nude lipstick, this is bomb! It looks great with minimal eye makeup too because it's not too pale. For me it's like my MLBB gloss, really. ;)

I would definitely recommend Innisfree Moisture Shine Gloss if you're looking for an affordable yet long lasting gloss for everyday wear. But if you can't stand anything with a tacky/sticky feeling on your lips, might as well skip them. I personally love them, though. I don't mind the consistency at all and I know I'll be using these glosses a lot. I hope Innisfree will add more colors to this range!


  1. look interesting! ^_^
    sayang aku gak pernah cocok pake lipgloss..
    keliatan menor & kaya abis makan gorengan~ (bibirku tebal soalnya~)

  2. i personally like the look of cream rose... xxx

  3. I like these shades :) but I was little thrown off by the name 'for eye wing makeup' lol



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