Saturday, October 29, 2011

Elicina Snail Cream Review

Hello hello!
I'm back with a skincare review! This time Indokawaii gave me the opportunity to try out the Chilean product called Elicina Crema de Caracol or Elicina Snail Cream.

They sent me a 20 g jar of Elicina Cream The Original. Elicina comes in three types of product that you can choose from depending on your needs:
  • Elicina Cream The Original,
  • Elicina Cream Plus (which contains extra moisturizer),
  • and Elicina Eye Contour Cream.
If you've never heard of this cream before, it is essentially a product that promotes skin regeneration so that you'll end up with an improved skin texture. It's also said to be able to fade scars, stretchmarks, and soften wrinkles.

But of course you have to use it religiously for at least two weeks to see the result. I myself have been using this cream every morning and night for the past three weeks. I apply it all over my face and neck prior to my daily moisturizer which is Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel and so far the combination hasn't been causing any problem to my skin.

At the back of the packaging you could see the expiration date and the ingredients. As far as packaging goes, I'm quite satisfied. Of course it would be nicer if it weren't in a jar where you have to scoop the product with your finger. But if you're that concerned about hygiene, you could use a spatula to get the product out.

The cream itself is white in color and has a slightly gel-like consistency. It is fast absorbed and it doesn't leave greasy film on the skin. It does look whitish when you first apply it on your face but that goes away after a couple of minutes. I've used this cream under makeup before and I experienced no oily outbreak or anything unpleasant, so I really do like the texture of this cream. It's definitely not too heavy for my oily skin.

Now, the next question is... does it work??
Well, after about two weeks of use I began to notice that my skin does feel more supple and smooth! My skin also looks moisturized and healthy even when I'm not wearing makeup, which of course makes me ecstatic. But, what bugs me is that it doesn't seem to help with my post-breakout acne scars. That really surprised me because the reddish acne scars that I have on my jawlines are relatively recent. I thought the cream would at least speed up my skin's recovery, but no. The scars are still there, looking as obvious as they were three weeks ago.

Maybe I need to wait a bit longer for it to work for my scars but I won't get my hopes too high. I think a lot of factors should be put into consideration when it comes to healing scars, especially acne scars. From my past experience (I did go through a bad breakout before), it did need a few months for my skin to heal from the redness and blotches that resulted from my hormonal breakout. I'm going to rely more on healthy diet to assure that my skin gets what it needs to regenerate new tissues.

Elicina Snail Cream The Original is priced at Rp 175.000 (around $20) for a 20 g jar which is not bad in my opinion. You only need a little to cover your face and neck. If your skin is dry, you might want to purchase the one with extra moisturizer.

All in all, I think this cream is worth a shot if you're looking for something that can improve your skin texture or even out your complexion. I really like the way my makeup sticks to my skin now after using this cream.

So, have you tried this cream before? What's your opinion about it?
If you haven't, would you give it a try?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Revlon CustomEyes Waterproof Mascara + Shadow/Liner in Smoky Sexy

No idea how the people at Revlon Indonesia knew what was going on in my head. I first saw the Smoky Sexy palette about two weeks ago at the mall but for some reason I didn’t purchase it. Next time I know I got contacted by Revlon and they asked me if I wanted to try their newly launched products. I accepted the offer even though I wasn’t quite sure which products they were talking about and a couple of days later I received the very palette I was lemming for alongside a sleek-looking waterproof mascara from the same line. I was psyched!

First off, let’s take a look at the mascara. I got the CustomEyes Waterproof Mascara in Blackest Black.

This mascara really intrigued me as it offers two different finishes in one product. By twisting the cap, you can adjust the bristles on the wand to achieve either “defined” or “dramatic” effect. It’s a pretty neat idea!

I quite like the packaging on this one and I find it easy to use. I tried both finishes, but since my lashes are quite thin and short I see little difference between them. To achieve the look on the photo below I need to layer this mascara a few times. Both settings in this mascara (dial 1 and dial 2) give me quite the same result which is more volume and length.


• The sleek and classy looking packaging, it looks more luxurious than most drugstore-range mascaras I’ve tried.
• The fast drying and easy to remove formula.
• The volumizing effect I got wearing this mascara. It also lengthens and defines my lashes quite well.
• It doesn't smudge throughout the day.


• If you want to use more than one layer, after the last layer, wiggle your mascara wand (without adding anymore product) from root to end of the lashes. This trick will clear any excessive products so it won’t clump.
• Be sure to curl your lashes well before applying the mascara if you aren’t one of those lucky girls with beautiful curly lashes.

Overall, I think it’s an OK mascara. It costs Rp 100.000 for a 5,6 ml product which I think is a reasonable price. I’d recommend this for those who are looking for an affordable volumizing and lengthening mascara. If only it’s able to hold my curl, it would be bomb but alas, it’s safe to skip it if you’re more into curl-holding mascaras. I am honestly not too picky when it comes to mascaras as I always wear fake lashes anyway so I’m keeping this baby. I love that it doesn't smear along my bottom lashlines (meh, I hate panda eyes!) and that I can easily remove it at the end of the day.

Now, onto the more exciting product (at least for me!), here’s the Revlon CustomEyes Shadow/Liner Palette in Smoky Sexy.

It contains four coordinated eyeshadow colors plus one eyeliner color which you can also use as an eyeshadow. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you could probably tell that the colors in this palette are so up my alley. I’m a fan of sultry blue smoky looks and I think the second blue color from the right is downright gorgeous!

Look at the “knitted” design of these eyeshadows! How pretty!

The packaging differs from the usual palette in the market, the cover opens from the side, which I find rather awkward at first since I’m accustomed to the normal packaging available in the market. But! It has an eye makeup diagram on the back of the palette which can be helpful if you’re just starting out with makeup.

Having swatched all the shadows, I can safely say that they are decently pigmented. Be careful for fallouts, though, because although they’re not the chalkiest shadows I’ve come across so far, they’re definitely on the powdery side. This can be good or bad depending on how you like to wear your eyeshadows. For everyday looks, this palette would be sufficient (just remember to use eyeshadow base underneath). However, for an all-night occasion I’d go for something
that’s more densely packed with pigments and can offer better staying power.

This is the look I did with the palette a few days ago for dining out…

I used all five colors from the palette to create this look and added a bit of soft brown shadow on the crease. The shadows are easy to work with. I find that they stick better if you pat them on instead of just sweeping them on your eyelids.

Revlon CustomEyes Shadow/Liner Palette in Smoky Sexy is priced at Rp 100.000 and you get a decent amount of product. I think the palette would be a great choice if you want to experiment with smoky blue looks or just an overall light blue day time eye makeup like I did for Revlon’s FB page.

So, have you guys tried anything from the CustomeEyes line? Any thoughts or recommendations?

Sunday, October 2, 2011


"It's Easier" is easily one of my all time favorite songs ever. I like John Grant for the self deprecating humor in his lyrics sometimes. Such a brilliant artist and with a charming personality too, so I thought I'd share :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011


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