Monday, December 26, 2011

Taking pics for the sake of taking pics

My sister left her camera in my room so I put it to good use... sort of.

I'm waiting for my friend to pick me up for dinner now, that's why I don't bother watermarking these pics. I'm like a Simpson character with my yellow complexion (thanks to my lighting). My tunic is long enough to cover my butt so I paired it with jeggings and heels. I promise I'd make a better effort next time when taking outfit pictures.

One particular song I've been listening to a lot lately:

Ocean by The Velvet Underground. I love this alternate version of the song. It's so soothing.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas for those celebrating and I wish you all happy holidays!

I did a bit of shopping recently because many stores are having fabulous sales. I didn't go overboard because I realized I've spent so much on makeup already the past few months. Most of my friends spend almost zero on makeup and A LOT on clothes; I'm the other way around. Next year I'm thinking to reverse my spending trend since I think I've drank enough amount of lipgloss already.

Fashion Street - $6

Post Mode - $15
I admit I have a bit of excess fondness towards tacky animal print tops. I have enough of them to put disturbing thoughts on my future parents-in-law's minds.

Jewelries are from Eustacia&Co, a store that sells mostly Korean jewelries. They're about 3-8 bucks each.

Belts are from Fashion Street. The one with huge flower was on sale for $7 and the brown faux-leather one was $2.

These two shirts were on sale for almost half their original prices. The green polkadotted one has ruffles on the shoulders and chest; it's more attractive when worn, really.
Ngongo' Boutique - $8

Hardware - $15

I'm not one who wears loose clothes often but this oversized shirt looked fantastic when I tried it on at the store. With tights and towering heels, this would be bomb. I like most of the stuff at Luna Maya for Hardware; I think they're good quality and well-priced.

It's raining in Jogja this Christmas morning. I'm going to go have my breakfast now. Till next time. :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lo and behold

Me with red lippie. Perhaps I bear a passing resemblance to a certain popular fast-food chain mascot?

- MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC 35
- NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Stromboli
- Diorskin Forever Pressed Powder 002

- NARS Blush in Dolce Vita

- MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre
- Too Faced Natural Eye eyeshadow palette
- Stila Smudge Pot in Black (top lashline)
- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (waterline)
- Revlon CustomEyes Waterproof Mascara
- Elise lashes

- Pop Beauty beauty cabinet in Sara (the two middle colors mixed together)

No idea if Pop Beauty still carries this product but these creamy glosses are super pigmented.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pond's Clear Balance Range

Here in Indonesia Pond's recently came out with a new range of facial foam called the Clear Balance range. It consists of four facial foams, each formulated for specific skin problems: acne, excess oil, blackheads, and enlarged pores. That sure sounds amazing, but choosing which variant is right for you might get tricky.

I received a complete package of this range about a month ago. I thanked Unilever's rep for their patience because it took me forever to generate this review.

I personally tested three out of the four facial foams and asked my sister to help me out with the rest. I hope this will help those of you who are still indecisive about which facial foam to pick up.

Pond's Smooth Pores Pore Tightening Facial Foam
I like this one best mainly because of its texture. It has no exfoliators/scrubs so I think this would be best for daily use if you have sensitive skin. It cleanses really well and doesn't leave my face feeling too dry. Honestly, though, I don't think it does much with my enlarged pores so don't get your hopes up. It's at best a good, reliable facial foam with cooling/tingling effect.

Pond's No Blackheads Deep Cleansing Facial Scrub
This one is very nice as well! It reminds me of my Clinique 7 Day Scrub but with smaller, less harsh exfoliating beads. I usually just apply this right to my nose (without wetting it first) then rinse it off. It works well that way and I notice that it helps with my blackheads a little. I only use it 2-3 times a week because my skin is usually pretty sensitive to exfoliators. The only downside I find about it is that it leaves my skin feeling tight, but then again you can tackle that problem with slathering moisturizer afterwards.

Pond's Clear Solutions Anti-Bacterial Facial Scrub
The exfoliating beads in this facial foam are bigger and rougher. If you need heavy-duty exfoliator this would be the perfect pick. It doesn't feel as drying as the No Blackheads one which is pleasantly surprising for me. I still use this as my weekly exfoliator and so far I've got no problem with it.

Pond's Oil Control Skin Mattifying Facial Foam
Actually, this is a scrub. The exfoliating beads are pretty much the same size as the Clear Solutions' one. However, this feels more drying and so I didn't continue to use it. I gave this one to my sister to try out. She didn't like it either because she thinks it really makes her skin feeling tight. So I think this one is a flop for us. I personally have never liked any skincare products with "mattifying" claim anyway, usually such products end up drying my skin even more.

All in all, I think this range is great for those looking for an affordable face cleanser. Just remember, if you have sensitive skin, try not to use facial foam with beads every single day because that could irritate your skin.

Has anyone tried any of these facial foams? What do you think about them?

Friday, December 9, 2011

First Impression: FOTD with NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Stromboli

I'm all jolly right now. It hasn't been that long since my last foundation purchase (Diorskin Nude that I have reviewed here) but Sephora was having a 20% sale so I picked this up through a friend. I have been wanting to try this foundation for ages!

Let me just say straight away that the shade Stromboli (Medium 3) is my EXACT match. This is the first liquid foundation that matches my skintone perfectly. It's not too yellow like my MAC Studio Fix Fluid, or too neutral (almost pale) like my Revlon Colorstay, or too pink like my Diorskin Nude. It's somewhere in the middle between yellow and neutral. I have yet to swatch it so you're gonna have to wait (sorry!). I plan to use it for the next couple of weeks before I write a full review on it.

Eye makeup was done rather sloppily here but at least it was super vibrant! Haha.

- Monistat Chafing Gel as primer
- MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC 35
- NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Stromboli

- MAC Frost blush in Margin

- Revlon Colorburst l/s in Soft Nude
- Innisfree Moisture Shine l/g in Cream Rose

- MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre
- NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk
- Kat Von D e/s palette in Beethoven (blue and purple shades)
- Stila Smudge Pot in Black (top lashline)
- Revlon CustomEyes Waterproof Mascara
- Elise lashes

I imagine this would be perfect for everyday wear IF ONLY I didn't have any acne scars or discoloration at the moment. :( As the name implies, this foundation is pretty sheer. The finish is matte (not at all dewy or glowy) but I prefer it that way since my skin is oily to begin with. On me the foundation lasts about 4 hours before I notice some blotches on my nose and other dry areas. It's definitely not as long wearing as Diorskin Nude, which is too bad because they both are at the same price range.

What else? I think that's about it for now. I wore this foundation today from 2 to 8 pm and I only touch up my face two times throughout the day. So far I'm liking it.

Anybody's tried this foundation before? What do you think about it?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review: Diorskin Forever Wear Invisible Retouch Powder

I got asked about my favorite powder on Formspring and it suddenly hit me: I haven't talked about my latest powder acquisition at all in my blog. It's Diorskin Forever Wear Invisible Retouch Powder that I purchased back in June. It's basically a translucent powder formulated specifically for touch-ups. I did like my previous MAC Blot Powder but at times it makes my skin looks/feels dry, and now that my skin is less oily, I needed something more hydrating.

Description (from Sephora's website):
DiorSkin Forever Wear-Extending Invisible Retouch Powder
What it is:
A touch-up powder with a nearly sheer application.
What it is formulated to do:
This product's ultra-fine texture remains invisible on the skin without any buildup, even after repeated touch-ups. Use throughout the day to regulate excess shine and extend the wear of foundation for up to four hours. Its antipollution ingredients offer the skin added protection.
Size: 0.49 oz/12 g
Price: $40

I paid almost $50 a pop for this (including international shipping because there's no Dior here in where I live) so it's definitely not the cheapest powder I've bought. However, I've been using it almost everyday since I got it so I don't mind the price very much.

The compact comes with a huge rectangle sponge and a black suede pouch. I rarely use the sponge, though, I prefer to buff this powder all over my face with a kabuki brush.

The powder itself is silky smooth; it blends like a dream. It gives off a slight matte finish (not totally dead matte, which most people hate I guess). It never feels heavy/cakey and it does kind of prolong the wear of my makeup. I find that I don't have to retouch as often (sometimes I don't even retouch at all) when I use this as my finishing powder. I do have to emphasize that this is strictly a powder to be used for finishing and/or retouching only; it has no coverage whatsoever.

I use the shade 002 Transparent Medium which suits my NC37 skin so well. It doesn't oxidize nor does it change my foundation color. I love it. I think this is the best investment I've made this year in the makeup department.

I've used this powder since June and as you can see, I've hit pan already! Woohoo! Somehow I have never done that with my MAC powders. I think I'd get a few more months out of this powder and that's good enough for me. I will definitely repurchase this powder once I run out because so far it's the best powder I've ever used. What's yours?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

There ain't no motive for this crime

Went out with my sister and treated myself with some amazing pancakes!

When I have a mood, I go for empty calories. Even then, I still ordered the ones with some fruit in it. Not that devious, am I?

I watched Parks & Recreation again last night and there's one line from Ron Swanson that got me laughing pretty hard: "fish meat is practically a vegetable." XD

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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