Friday, January 6, 2012

2011 Favorites

I actually finished typing this post since the end of last month but I accidentally deleted it from my draft the other day. Can't help but feeling slightly incompetent after that. I guess the unfriendly weather has gotten into me lately.

I'm not motivated enough to type the whole thing all over again so I'll just make it as concise as possible this time. Without further ado, here's my favorite beauty products of 2011.

Diorskin Nude Fresh Glow Hydrating Makeup SPF 10
By far the most efficient and flawless-looking foundation I have ever tried. I guess I have raved about it enough.

MAC Frost Lipstick in Angel
At first I thought it was too cool-toned but it eventually grew on me. It's perfect to be worn with sultry smoky eyes and pink cheeks. It might look dark in the tube but on the lips it comes out a pretty nude pink color.

Innisfree Moisture Shine Gloss in Cream Rose
I specifically love the purplish rose color and the moisturizing feel it leaves on my lips.

MAC Sheertone Shimmer Powder Blush in Flirt and Tease
It's my current go-to blush. I feel like I can't go wrong with it since it goes with almost any look. The plummy pink color compliments my medium-dark skintone but I can see it looking great on lighter skinned ladies as well. It has a bit of shimmer that creates that glow-from-within effect.

Milani Single Eyeshadow in Java Bean
Java Bean is a rich, warm dark brown shade with a satin finish; perfect for creating quick brown smoky looks. I usually apply it with a damp brush to make the color even more vibrant. I have other colors from the same range but they're not as pigmented and long-lasting as this particular one.

B&C Lab Browlash EX Water Strong W Eyebrow
It's a fairly new discovery but I'm madly in love with it already. It has a brow pencil on one end and a pen on the other. Both pencil and liquid tint look very natural and they're also very easy to work with. I got the "grey-brown" shade which matches my hair color perfectly.

Revlon CustomEyes Waterproof Mascara
I use this mostly on my bottom lashes. It works great at lengthening and separating them.

Stila Smudge Pot in Black
It provides intense black color and it doesn't budge. It's the best gel eyeliner I've tried so far.

MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre
It cancels out my skintone so that my eyeshadows can be more true to color.

Skinfood Tea Tree Emulsion & Tea Tree Bubble Cleansing Foam
I have a lot of skincare stuff I have yet to review. :( These two have been working well with my skin and they're also fairly inexpensive. The cleansing foam feels very gentle and is fun to use. The emulsion (it's some sort of a moisturizer) is light in texture but still moisturizing enough to keep my oily skin hydrated. Good stuff. 

Hada Labo Tamagohada AHA+BHA Face Wash
It's an exfoliator that I use 1-2 times a week. It's very very gentle so I would recommend this for people with sensitive skin. I notice a slight improvement on my skin's texture after using this for a couple of months.

So that's pretty much it! 2011 was actually a great year for me makeup-wise but most of the things I purchased last year haven't gotten enough use from me. I didn't want to add stuff that I'm not really sure I like into the list. These are exclusively the stuff that I really, really like and would recommend to people. I also have a few favorites in the hair care department but I'll make a separate post on that.

"Son, you should know that my recommendation is essentially a guarantee." - Ron Swanson (Parks & Recreation).


  1. I don't own anything, but i would like to try some of the product, mention here, in the future!
    Like it ;)

  2. i always want to try Hada Labo products but it's kinda hard to find and frequently sold out in local online shop. btw, i would love to know your daily skincare products that you use right now :D

  3. Skylice - Try, she usually accepts Hada Labo orders. And sure, I'll try to post an update on my current skincare routine. :)

  4. wow!
    is innisfree available there?
    you're so lucky!
    i have always wanted to try at least one of their products!

  5. I love seeing everyone's favourites! :D I haven't done a review on the Shu Uemura foundation but from reading your blog I noticed that you have oily skin? I think the Shu Uemura foundation may be a little too moisturising for you because I have dry/combination skin and I definitely see a shine on my chin at the end of the night. I'll definitely do a proper review on it though! :D

  6. Would love to read about your skincare routine dear, pls make a post about it if you feel to..
    Anyway, some of your favourite product is really yummy, will consider to give it a try that for sure..

  7. Thiamere - I bought the gloss online as we don't have Innisfree store either here in Indonesia. :( If you'd like to buy Innisfree you could try Ebay or Gmarket!

    Phoebe - Aww thank you for getting back to me! Yes, my skin is oily so choosing the right foundation can be very tricky. I'll look forward to your review, Phoebe!

  8. That's a great list you came up with Fifi! I always like to read what everyone LOVES in terms of products :)
    I've only ever bought one Dior Foundation years ago and it was the regular DiorSkin foundation. It was good...but not quite enough to justify paying the $50 CDN for it again. So far I'm loving my Estee Lauder Foundations (both the double matte and the light one). Have you tried Estee Lauder foundations before?
    I have MAC Angel lipstick in my purse and I use MAC Paint Pots as a shadow primer too :) I love them!
    I haven't tried the Stila smudge pot before but I have heard good things about it. I use my MAC Blacktrack fluidline which works great and it's a bit more affordable than the Stila one. Have you ever tried the MAC fluidlines?

  9. Great selection! I use the Hada Labo facewash daily. Love it to bits. What shade are you do the Diorskin? I bought a shade that's a tad too light for my skintone so I haven't been experiencing its best since I've been mixing with different foundations to make it work :(

  10. Karen - I haven't tried any Estee Lauder foundations but now I'm VERY tempted, haha! I did try Blacktrack before, it was my friend's and to me it's not as creamy as Stila Smudge Pot. That's probably just me though because I'm very picky when it comes to eyeliners. :/

    Connie - Aww I actually picked up the wrong shade too! The one I have now is in Honey Beige 040. I've been using it with a lighter powder and sometimes I mix it with my other foundations as well. I think the right shade for me would be Sand 031.

  11. Thanks for sharing your favorites Fifi. I know Fuzkittie likes that cleanser too. ^^ I'm starting to get back into makeup and need to try some Dior foundations, their one in the spray bottle is so expensive though. XD

  12. Fi, I purchased Diorskin Nude after I read your review. And you are right! The stuff doesn't disappoint. I'm so glad I have it.

  13. The mac frost lipstick is absoloutly fab I love it, it has great coverage and lasts ages one me :) cute post xx

  14. I have the lipstick in angel but because of the frost formula I keep going back to it... i prefer cremesheen lipsticks like creme cup

  15. Kalmo - You're very welcome! You should try Diorskin Nude. I think we have sort of the same skin type so it might suit you too!

    Marcelle - I'm glad you like it!! I thought I was weird because many bloggers I follow who owns this foundation said it was just okay for them. XD

  16. Great selection! :)

  17. I haven't tried any of these, but I really want to try MAC Angel and the Innisfree gloss!



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