Saturday, January 21, 2012

NARS Blush in Madly

My search for a nude blush (is there such thing as a nude blush, really?) brought me to NARS Madly. Even though it is described as seashell pink by NARS, in the pan it doesn't look like it has any pink tone to it at all. I would rather describe it as a tawny color with warm brown undertone. It's very unique; sort of like a blend between a blush and a bronzer but I can see how this might not be everyone's cup of tea.

A lot of people complained about Madly beeing too muddy but I have no similar problem whatsoever. It does have the tendency to look orange on my skin but I am still very much fond of the color. It's perfect paired with dramatic eye makeup and nude lips.

The shimmers in madly are very fine so they won't be that noticeable on the cheeks. They just give that slight sheen effect; much like the finish of MAC Sheertone Shimmer blushes.

However, I find Madly slightly disappointing in pigmentation. It's definitely not as pigmented as the other NARS blushes I own. I need at least four swipes in order for the color to show up on my cheeks. Perhaps this blush is meant to be subtle, though.

Here I wore Madly on the temple of my cheek and Milani bronzer to contour.

Have you tried Madly? What do you think about it?


  1. Gorgeous color. I love nude anything as it is so sexy.

  2. This looks beautiful on you doll :) Your skin always looks like it's glowing, I love it :D

  3. fi, kamu cantik banget deh pake blush yg macem gini. kulit kamu kan tan seksi gitu, kl di kulit aku yg gak item tapi juga gak putih ini, bakalan keliatan keren juga gak ya? kuatir keliatan gosong sebagian -___-

    oia, gara2 aku nunjukin blog kamu yg geo xtra bella ke temenku, temenku yg rada tomboy jadi naksir dan beli lho. hihihi. kamu emang jago bikin cewek tomboy jd cewek lagi. hihihih :)

    1. Hehe makasih Utii :) Klo menurutku Madly ini emang beresiko bikin keliatan "gosong" karena dia kecoklatan gitu warnanya.

      Temen kamu suka gak sama geo xtra bella-nya? Punyaku udah gak kepake lagi, udah ganjel di mata >.<

  4. Thank you for the swatches and FOTD! I've been looking for a great nude blush and this looks lovely.

  5. I really want to try NARS blush, I'm going to include 'madly' as an options, thanks for the review and swatches :D

  6. I have this and it is one of my fave blush/bronzers. i like to use it more for bronze

  7. Just thought I'd let you know that I've nominated you for the Cute Blog Award! Please don't feel pressured to take part in it though :P

  8. so pretty!
    follow back please?:)

  9. Beautiful color, I've always thought about purchasing madly and I think this will be nice for summer!

  10. beautiful face :)

    do you wanna follow me? I follow you :)

  11. I just love your blog, I'm following ;)




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