Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Piccasso Makeup Brushes!

The best way to improve our makeup skill is of course by practicing. That's kind of a no brainer, right? But I also think the right tools can really help us achieve the look we want to go for.

If you're currently looking for makeup brushes to complete your kit, I suggest you look into Piccasso brushes. Piccasso is a company from Korea which specializes in making professional makeup brushes and premium quality fake lashes. Their products are heavily endorsed by professional makeup artists in Korea, Japan and other Asian countries. If you live in Korea, you've probably seen them being featured in magazines before.

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try them myself. Kim from Piccasso sent me this set consisting of four pieces of brushes and a sleek brush case. He also sent me three pairs of false lashes which I'll be reviewing soon in a separate post. Thank you, Kim!

Before I used these brushes, I washed each of them first with brush cleanser mixed with a bit of dish washing liquid. To my surprise, none of them shed more than 1-2 strands of hair and none of them bleed. They dried quickly except the face brush which did take more time to dry. They didn't lose their original texture and shape after that first wash either.

Piccasso 106 Cheek Blusher Brush ($44)
Made of mohair
This brush is incredibly soft! You can see yourself how fluffy it is, can't you? The bristles are 4.5 cm long and a bit tapered. Even though this is not the densest blush brush I've ever owned, surprisingly it's not flimsy at all. With repetitive patting motion, it can definitely pick up powder really well. It's hard to overdo blush application using this brush because somehow the bristles prevent the color to be deposited altogether. This is the perfect tool to invest in if you often work with pigmented blushes. Since the size is rather small, it can also deliver precise color placement on the cheeks. That way you can even use it to apply highlighter or to contour.

Piccasso 208 Eye Smudger Brush ($28.60)
Made of grey squirrel hair
This one is also very very soft, I almost can't believe how soft it is! The bristles are 1 cm long and dome-shaped. I like to use this to smudge my pencil eyeliner on my upper and lower lashes for a fuss-free smoky effect. It blends color effortlessly as well, so if your eyelids are small, you can even use it as a blending brush.

Piccasso 206A Eyeshadow Brush ($28.60)
Made of grey squirrel hair
This shader brush is slightly bigger than the smudger brush above but is more flat and has a round tip. It's quite dense so it can pick up pigments/powder and apply them evenly with only a few swipes. The bristles are, again, very soft so they won't scratch or tug your eyelids at all. I also like to use this to blend highlighter on my brow bone. This is a good brush to invest in if you wear eyeshadow daily as it's very versatile.

Piccasso 401 Eyeliner Brush ($24.20)
Made of Japanese synthetic hair
This brush is very thin and firm! It's able to apply eyeliner with sharp precision. I highly recommend this especially if you often use gel eyeliner. I've tried using it with my Stila smudge pot and it was a breeze, fool-proof application.

All these brushes have sleek black handle that feels sturdy and comfortable in my hands. Honestly, I really am impressed with these brushes. I was once skeptical of expensive brushes but now I can finally understand why professional makeup artists insist on spending so much cash on them. I think I'll be checking out other face brushes by Piccasso!


Piccasso makeup brushes and Eyeme Premium Faux lashes can be purchased through Piccasso's website (they ship worldwide). If you live in Indonesia, you can contact Kim yourself through his facebook account or his cellphone (081586618330).


  1. aaah.. the blush brush is so tempting, though it's kinda pricey. I'm currently in the hunt for a decent blush brush after I ditched my MAC 129. whatever you do, don't use that brush! it's pricey and scratchy. such a waste of money. what's your recent blusher brush, Fi?

    1. Aww sorry to hear about your MAC 129, Chelle! I've never tried that brush before, luckily. Thanks for the heads up, I'll definitely stay away. My current blush brush is actually an underdog: Too Faced Flatbuki. You can find it at Sephora. It's super soft, dense, and the size sort of fits the apples of my cheeks. :D

  2. The brushes look good, you're so lucky!! ^^ The name, piccasso, similar with a high quality brush brand which commonly used by the art school student for painting.

  3. oh my, those brushes are so pricey and the price is similar to MAC brushes
    I doubt it's as good as MAC's though

  4. I am a Picasso brush user and I can say they in fact as good, if not better, than MAC. Some are even comparable to Shu Uemura. A lot of my friends also think so. Not to mention they have a lifetime guarantee.

    Their eyelashes are also really nice. But u definitely should try out their gel eyeliner. My absolute HG. Better than Bobbi Brown.



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