Thursday, April 26, 2012

Extreme Burns

Around this time last year I started working out again. I did the 30 Day Shred Challenge, finished it, but then I got lazy to blog about it. In November through December last year I stopped working out completely because after a series of strenuous interval sprint my feet got terribly sore.

I adopted a less demanding workout routine since the start of this year; I jog for 45 minutes 4 times a week and do basic home pilates DVDs 2-3 times a week. I change it up once in a while when I'm bored. It's really nothing compared to my previous routine but I made all sorts of excuses not to kick my ass again.

I'm still eating (mostly) healthy by stocking up my fridge with tupperware boxes filled with meals that I make myself instead of eating out. Also, I cut out processed food by 90% off of my diet.

So yeah. For you that asked me to do workout posts again, my eating/exercise philosophy is still pretty much the same as when I first started out. My goal is always to maintain a healthy lifestyle as opposed to only doing it until I lose weight. But then again, I'll be honest, I've never had many pounds to lose since I've always been within my healthy BMI. If anything, I was only about 2 kg heavier than I wanted to be. So if you're someone who actually needs to lose a lot of weight, focusing on short time goals first might be a good idea.

Anyways, I recently joined a gym after working out by myself for about a year. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to hire a trainer (seems unlikely) because, really, I just wanted to use the treadmills. If it's not for the unpredictable weather I would still be working out outdoor. First, it's free. And second, it burns more calories. I do believe that 20 minutes of high intensity interval training either with outdoor sprinting or cycling beats 1 hour of steady cardio on the treadmill.

I came across this video on youtube and was inspired to start doing burpees again...

Look at that girl! Unbelievable.

And my favorite core workout video...
Forget crunches/sit-ups, this is more effective and less dangerous to your spine:

It's crazy hard if you're only starting out, but trust me, it works.


  1. i tried burpee last year, only once. Dan berhenti krn berasa mau mati :)). Skrg cuma jogging 45 menit - 1 jam doang. Mungkin gw kurang gigih. :)) Coba lagi ah :D

    1. Burpeesnya kalo gitu sekali seminggu aja tapi pake tabata method, coba deh. ;) Emang olah raga berat gini mesti gigih yaa, tapi rasanya kalo berhasil melakukan tuh puas bgt, dan yang jelas disiplin kita juga jadi terlatih. :)

  2. Hi Fifi! This is unrelated but that's so neat that you use to live in Borneo! My parents were born and raised in Malaysia and I knew Malaysia owned at least part of Borneo...but I didn't know until just now when I googled it that Borneo's ownership is divided amongst three countries. I bet it was very humid when you lived there! I remember 1.5 years ago when I was in Malaysia, it was so humid I had difficulty with my eyelash glue drying LOL I seriously waited like 10 minutes for the glue to dry. Crazy.
    Anyways, jogging is great if you enjoy it :) I did jog for a while like a few years ago when my younger sister got me started - but I gave up after 2-3 months because it was stressing me out too much. Now I just go for walks :)



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