Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How I Eat

Someone suggested me to write about my daily eating habit and so I finally did. I tried making it as concise as possible but this is the best I can do.

The rundown:
  1. I wake up around 5-6 am. Before I get a glass of water, I pee and then weigh myself. Always weigh yourself in the same condition; first thing in the morning before you eat anything and without clothes/footwear.

  2. Breakfast: I like eggs for breakfast. I usually eat up to two scrambled/pouched eggs accompanied with a slice of baked whole wheat bread. Pumping up my protein earlier in the day keeps me full longer. Another breakfast combination I like is oatmeal cooked with skim milk+banana (no sugar, the banana should already sweeten it enough) and one hard boiled egg. If I want to drink coffee, I'll drink it black with no sugar.

  3. 10 am: 1-2 servings of fruit. *Tip: eat your fruits raw, not juiced. Juices are usually packed with sugar, especially bottled/packaged juice.

  4. 12 am: for lunch, I usually have lean meat like chicken breast (baked, not fried), some salad or "sayur" and brown rice. I also sometimes eat fish/shrimp. DON'T DRINK SWEET ICED TEA right after you eat (here's why); a lot of Indonesian people do this out of habit.

  5. 3-4 pm: I consider this my snack time. Yoghurt with strawberries will do it for me. I also like to have some bubur kacang ijo at this hour but I would substitute the white sugar with palm sugar.

  6. 7-8 pm: no rice for dinner, just fish/lean meat and veggies. My favorite is beef teppanyaki with lots of veggies. Soups are great, too. Google low-calorie soup recipes.
beef teppanyaki, credit:

  • I cook/prepare my own meal most of the time because then I will know how much exactly I eat. If you eat out, you have no control of what (and how much) they put into your food.
  • I drink plenty of water to keep me hydrated throughout the day especially during my workout days.
  • I never skip meals and I always have a good, satisfying breakfast.
  • I try to incorporate more organic produce into my diet.
  • I stay away from white rice, white bread, sugar, sugary drinks, and processed foods in general (yes, this includes fried foods). This doesn't mean that I cut these foods out completely from my diet though. I still eat them but very rarely and in small quantities. Instead of eating the whole bag of chips, eat half... that sort of thing. I'm not a big fan of chips but I do love ice cream! Ice cream is my kryptonite.

A few tips if you want to start eating healthy:
  • If you're busy, have your meal prepared the night before and put them into meal boxes so you can just heat them the next day.
  • Plan ahead what you're going to eat for the whole week. It makes things a whole lot easier.
  • Don't antagonize particular nutrients such as fat. Your body needs it. You just have to know which fat is better and which is worse. Trans-fats are the worst. They are commonly found in processed foods. Basically, if you eat like I do, you instantly trim down your trans-fat and sodium intake which will be good for you in the long run.
  • Don't feel guilty about the food you eat and/or have a negative mindset towards food. "Ohh I eat this, it's so bad." No. Just be grateful for the meal you just had and move on. Remember, a lot of people have to starve because they can't afford food. Food ain't bad. The act of abusing them is.
  • Most importantly, educate yourself about food; what's in them, where they come from, how to process them the right way... everything. It's worth it to learn about food because they are essential to our well being. I highly recommend Michael Pollan's books for a start.
So that's it. Hope that helps. And here's a bonus picture of Rob Lowe strumming the air banjo just for the sake of it:

you're welcome.


  1. thank you for these diet tips. it's always a nice reminder to eat healthy

  2. Fifi, I applaud to your healthy diet! I only wish that I could follow yours too but I am just too lazy to choose the right food. I hope I could change my super unhealthy cravings little by little. Thanks for sharing your healthy food! It really motivate me a lot ^_^~

    1. You're welcome, Janet! Even a gradual change is better than nothing, really. I started out about a year ago and not without screw-ups. Good luck to you!

  3. Great and super interesting post Fifi, I've been thinking about doing something similar regarding my vegetarian diet!

  4. Great tips! That's basically the way I eat as well and it works! Except, I haven't gotten the hang of eating frequently in the morning

  5. so informative! Now I changed my afternoon snack with something more nutritious as well, hehehe

  6. Thanks for the tips Fifi!! Honsetly I could not live without rice.. (Indonesia banget, hoho..) I wonder how you could pass your day without consuming rice at all.. If I do it, maybe I'll be dying! XD



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